Did anyone else notice

Now all of my characters are TL2 woot!

I’m never going to be TL3 hehehe :shushing_face:


Considering I don’t have TL3, nope!

honestly I dont even know where to check it, lol.
Im sure its in the absolute lowest possible level of ‘trust’ this forum can dish out. :laughing:


Testing this out.

Sorry cannot post links…

checks some alts

um … it’s not the same for me.

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This is the post that helped me find my trust level :slight_smile:

Nope I tried posting a picture of my dog but it didn’t work

look on your account summary page where it says what you’ve liked at stuff.
Basic user is level 1, member is level 2, something i dunno is level 3


This is my alt. It shows “regular” on this one and blank on my alt.

not for me either

I believe in you! I somehow got it without even trying

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Thank you! The reason I won’t be TL3 was because I was naughty :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yeah i got banned for making a post that said something about smashing a part of the human anatomy with a hammer. Now im only a member.

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Are posters not allowed to get TL3 ever if they were bad?

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YES! I seen that yesterday and that makes me soooo happy!

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yeah these 2 seem impossible

  • Must not have received more than 5 spam or offensive flags (with unique posts and unique users for each, confirmed by a moderator)
  • Must not have been suspended (including forum suspensions or in-game account actions of any Blizzard game)
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this is the character i earned my forum perks with. i just got TL3 for the third time after being demoted to level2 two times previously for misconduct.


Yes. Without going into detail I can assure you that I’m VERY experienced in this department.

Btw “yes” means you are allowed to earn it if you have been bad. I didn’t know if I conveyed that.

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Haha! Was about to ask. Thanks!

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Just checked and on this character, I’m still “regular” but on another character, I’m a member.