Tomorrow can't come soon enough

It’s kind of arcane.

However, people who do advance in trust level will see the ability to do a bit more on the forums. Like more posts. Link different things. For example, I can link to various picture sites that people with lower trust cannot.

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they have us jumping thru hoops like clowns to get back what we had before.
im one that will never get it because of some scuffs i have had because i do not take abuse.

I may miss it by visiting only 14/15 days lmao, unless today is #15

I can’t wait until I can posts memes and images… and then inevitably lose that privilege.


Just in case you get curious.

That’s a little of what I’m anticipating. But just a little. I’m mostly looking for the board to get a bit more lively.

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I’ll probably find it mostly annoying. When People post funny or amusing things ID like to respond with more of the same. If I can’t? More annoying then anything.

I really think there should be an easier way to see trust level for the player like spot under player profile that only the player can see.


I don’t think most mind. I’m permanently locked out from trust three and it doesn’t bug me. Then again being able to post gifs isn’t something I can ever see myself bothering to do.

It’s sort of weird that there isn’t to be honest.


From what I understand, it’s something baked into another board here, so I’m uncertain as to why it didn’t pull over to us.

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Me too. Although I guess if you were bored you could look up the list of requirement and then look at your activity summary and see where you are. That is probably more complicated then changing your profile addy.

Sorry, but I’m blocked from liking you… :unamused: … .any of you actually… /sigh

We had the ability to post links and pics and vids before? Because afaik, all of that stuff is brand new to this forum. So I’m not sure why people try to be upset by the trust levels over something we never had before. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Actually? You just did. Sometimes, it’s not about clicking a button.


Crepe is right pal you told me it’s good enough.

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Stop giving likes, start to spread hate! Love is limited on these forums, but hate, hate is endless.

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counters your hate with a like

Millhouse wants to have a word with you.

You’re going to end up manning one of those Winter Wondervolt machines.

Yes, in costume.

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