How much more grinding i have to do

To post links? I can’t post links :frowning:

Does anyone here feel my pain?

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How do i check my trust level?

putting ` before and after a link will allow it. i had TL3… lost it… and it seems like some get it back… and some don’t… these forums are broken trash.


i did this it just says trust level member

doesn’t tell me how much grinding i have to do


It says trust level 2

how much grinding i got to do to reach 3? How much do i have left? 30 percent? 50? 70 percent?

Check the level 3 trust requirements and check them off one by one or

… let it come as a surprise shrugs

They’re just waiting for me to hit trust level 3 again for the third time, then give me another ban (next one is 4 days) so I fall back to trust level 1, I just know it!! I won’t give them that satisfaction!

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They’ve got their finger hovering over the ban button as you type :stuck_out_tongue:

just use the ` before and after the link.
no zombie grind required

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Have you ever been silenced?

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Not worth it, you also have to maintain trust level 3 which is a full time job in itself.


Listen don’t worry about it. Just enjoy the forums.

The trust levels are as bad of a plan as warfronts.


only forum I ever saw in all the years forums have existed to actually turn it into a grind, lol.


:notes: RAH KEE TAHPPP You’ll always be home sweet home to me!!! :notes:

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lord…someone FINALLY got it :rofl: :+1:

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Yep. Been waiting to be able to post gifs again for months, still no dice. Just let me check my trust level progress on my account Blizzard, this is asinine.