Trust level question re. topic requirements

You need to enter 5 topics for TL 1, does that mean you have to start 5 topics?? And if it does, is it on a single character or can you spread it out??

No, you just need to view five topics. And everything relating to the new forums is character-specific - trust level, post count, stats, everything.

By the way, you’re already TL1, as are most people who spend even a little time on the forums.


How can you tell someone is TL1?

My question also. I have no clue how to tell.

The reputation tab. It’s called Forum Reputation.

Thanks dude! Now I don’t have to post mindless topics like I thought I had too just to hit a number.

Click a character’s portrait to view their profile, then in the address bar, add .json after the realm name.

Once that page loads, hit CTRL-F and search for trust_level. You’ll see trust_level, followed by a number. The highest number is your trust level.


This, but for more detailed instructions, I had made a guide.

Also, in a few days, people will start to become trust level 2.