You are all....nothing!

100% agree.

I was with Saurfang side from the start but I had the same expression as that Forsaken flag girl.


When her own honor guard gave her that look Sylvanas knew she messed up and just decided to let them all know how she feels about them.


I just loved how that forsaken standard bearer’s turned to face her when she made that statement. The fact that it took her a second before she fully understood what she just did made it even better.

That guard at the end was all

edit: If anyone knows how I can include the picture directly, I’d love you forever. I can post youtube links and stuff but when I try to post pictures it gives me the “you cannot post links” message.

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THAT right there! Can we take a moment to point out how she looked at Sylvanas and when Sylvanas noticed the look, the flag girl did not turn her gaze away in fear of her? She just kept starring at her, that says something.


I still support Sylvanas.


Silvanus 4ever!

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What I thought of when she said it:


LOL IKR that always makes me cringe when they can’t spell her name.

“You are all nothing!” “Sorry wrong chat.” “Uh, I gotta go for dinner be back on later!”

It’s truly amazing to me how many people either missed the significance of the side glance, or just dismissed the side glance all-together.

There simply cannot be THAT MANY players who are so far on the spectrum, they simply couldn’t grasp the social aspect of this. That was the moment Saurfang won, and them being allowed to enter the gates was the prize.


It requires Trust Level 3 as a forum user, with it you can do this:

I’ve had all the requirements for trust 3 for a long time, never been able to do it. Then I got suspended once (undeserved, person was a huge troll) so idk if I can even get that status according to the forum rules.

The whole invisible trust system was pretty poorly implemented.

It’s not really invisible…you just have to know where to look.

…yeah, I could binge Metalocalypse. Thanks.

The moment that stood out best for me all involved the banner Forsaken. The side eye at Sylvanas, and then this sole body standing before the Horde and Alliance, abandoned by her leader.

The nuances there were very good.

All in all we’re just another brick in the wall.

I knew about the method to look it up with the .json thing, but I would stand by my comment and say that Blizzard provides no indication of what trust level a player is at, nor what they need to reach the next level, or even if they can. Like I said, poorly implemented. It should have a place in the Summary page of the user profile.

Yeah I enjoyed it a lot… I knew poor Saurfang would be killed fighting Sylvanas. Still really nice cinematic as always.

True, the subtle expressions they make are what really sell this for me. I especially like when Sylvanas has that slight sneer with “I trusted you.” Then the smirk she makes when she blocks Saurfang’s blade and the initial shock Saurfang has when she does too. Then the forsaken flag carrier’s eyes when she says the Horde is nothing. Like… all the little details say so much.

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