Can No Longer Post Videos After Forum Update

Being able to post videos and gifs on one of the reasons I try to restrain myself. Not the only reason but one of them. :smile:


lol same gif and photos if i can’t post ill be devastated lol lost t3 once not doing that again


man i never expected to see such a beautiful gem here.

I’ve had to reword a few comments before posting, or just delete them. I have pretty good restraint but sometimes it’s difficult. I value my tl3 too much to ruin it.


I lost mine once a long time ago and got it back after 6 or 8 months I think. Yeah not doing that again.


I wanted to post a video on this subject because I like being ironic, but there wasn’t one. So this is as best as I can do.

That’s no longer needed. You can just look at your forum profile Basic=1 Member=2 Regular=3.


Well, that only took five years.

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Not sure how long it’s been this way but it’s been at least a couple of years.

I think this year, because I recall others having to look it up the old way not too long ago.

Edit: Seems it was last year according to old posts.


Could be I really don’t know but it seems like it changed further back than that.

OK that seems about right.

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Ok, got updated from new user to TL1.

Link Test:
Fail, was able to post a Wowhead link but still can’t post other links.

Youtube Test:
Also a fail.

Back to Nickaeladin

Testing to see if i can post videos or do a SAIDO CHESTO!

I can’t :((

Wowhead, and Blizzard links require lower trust levels because the’re trusted sites. I can’t remember all the trusted sites though.

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At my profile i see:
Trust Level

What does it say for TL3?
What TL am i??

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Testing as TL2.

Yeah I did remember that. The other is the Wowwikki iirc.

I was just checking since this account has the b-145 license to see if I got my other toons past the new user status if I could bypass the tl3 like some can with the beta tag. :dracthyr_heart:


You’re TL2, TL3 is Regular.


I have to click and go to youtube… can’t see the video here.

This change sucks so much, wth

Any way i can see what the requirements i need from where i am now for TL3?