Just Fold Highmountain and Lightforged into their main races

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thanks Kelsee <33

But… how?

They shouldn’t have been Allied Races, but what would changing them into customization options do? It just seems pointless.

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you’re my guardian angel

isn’t it one of the least played classes? Might as well open it up to everyone.

Personally I always thought many of the allied races should have been Neutral, like the Pandaren. Particularly the Highmountain. That simple change would make their availability meaningful.

Zandalari? Clearly Horde only.
Kul’tirans? Clearly Alliance only.
Cultures that both Horde and Alliance players can reach exalted with? Should be Neutral.

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It’s my daily post to bash HMT.

The worst allied race in the game.

Nah, I don’t like it. Part of that is because I scoff at people who try to tell others what would be beneficial for me without even knowing me, and part is because I just plain don’t like it. I like HM tauren as a separate race.

What your suggesting is a whole lot of work for no reward.

Agreed and would like to add that mag’har, mechagnome and dark iron need the same treatment.



Just to subvert expectations if Blizzard does add Pandaren Druids their bear form should be a turtle. :joy:

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I wish we’d see 20 threads like this instead of the 100 threads about elves

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It used to be part of the highmountain threads during Legion’s end before releasing the race but it has been dwarfed by the elf and kul’tiran human threads. Might have more power now that people have been considering these races as another skin.

If we ignore skeletons, Vulpera are the only actual new visually distinct race.

Um no…my LF likes their bombardment and my Draenai like their HoTs

Really wish people would quit trying to take the individuality out of character creation.

Some of us dont want bland with a side of bland.

Is it though? it would benefit players opening a lot more customization.
And while it would initially be a lot for Blizz, they would then don’t need to add new customization to HM or LF as separate races later when the new customization options for AR come.

Mag’har don’t work because of the classes being different.
Mechagnomes have unique animations an so.

You can make the case for dark irons but really they are pretty visually distinctive enough and since there’s no equivalent on horde they couldn’t do it.

They are the only new race which is why I didn’t bother putting them here. zandalari and KTs are visually distinctive though.


When did I say to remove any of that? lol

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Cosmetic customization is crap compared to actual character ability customization.