Is there an upload option for video files?

Basically title.

I don’t like the idea of linking people to a youtube page. (I find youtube links to personal channels come off as trying to sell something.) But I do like the idea of being able to share a video, if there’s a thought or project I wanted to share.

You can embed images and videos once you have earned a high enough “trust” level.


I believe im trust 2? Is it possible to track my progress or something towards 3? I think I remember something about a full year of posting or visiting or something.

This tells you how you can check your current trust level, it is not something that is clear to us and really shouldn’t require this to find.

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Blah. Thanks. Oof.

You can link youtube videos with trust level 1 or 2. You do not need level 3 for youtube and a select few sites as well. However, you need level 3 for images, gifs, and links to non-trusted sites.

So what you do, is upload it to youtube and shut off all monetization, if the “thought or project” is yours. Then your video won’t carry any ads, and if you don’t say anything about “buy this / that”, then you wont “come off as trying to sell something.”

All those YouTube ads – those are at the content creator’s discretion. Not the specific ads; YouTube chooses those. But, the inclusion of ads at all, that’s the uploader’s choice. You know that, right?

I know that. I’m talking about linking youtube at all. It comes off, at least to me, as “This is my channel, look at my stuff. Make me money.”

i’ve also seen many links on these forums get turned down because “ya sry bro not giving u a view.”

It’s a profit platform, which is why I’m asking if there’s a way to upload video files directly to the forums, which 'm hearing there isn’t.

I’m definitely not partnered on youtube, so I don’t get the option to even monetize my uploads. I’m not sure if you knew that but you have to turn it on the first place to make a cent.

I’ll link random example clips, like

For example. because on the rogue forums, Vyrenn asked if the Ravenhodt cooldown worked on players.

but linking an actual project, say 18 minutes or w/e. Something of substance, feels like I’m promoting myself. Like there’s some ulterior motive and not just a video. Just in general youtube gives off that “subscribe” vibe. Same as linking your twitch, or what have you.

If you post videos in the right context, no one will assume ill intent (I hope).

Besides there are plenty of youtuber’s that do it out of passion rather than money. Just dont drag out content so that your video is over 10 minutes long so you get extra $$$ (Ex: repeating a lot of things). Making a video around 10 mins can give the wrong vibes so watch out for that.

If the video is legitimately over 10 mins than that’s fine as well, just dont put like 10 ads.

I’m a zero adds kinda guy. I have no desire other than to share a video, if i make one, for entertainment or food for thought purposes.

doesn’t feel right to profit off of someone elses time.

Normally I use Warcraftmovies, but for something less literally warcraft related, but still wow related i’d feel bad using their services, and I’m sure the site isn’t well known enough these days for people to trust a link.

As the previous poster said, if you present it without intending to sell us something, it won’t come off, at all, as you selling something.

There will always be someone saying, “thanks bro for making me give you a view.” You can’t avoid that, even if you’re not monetized. Some people just don’t understand how it all works, and you cannot educate many of those people.

And the videos would be your content, right? So you get to choose how they’re presented… so why not use YouTube? Are you saying the name itself implies so much commercialism that you aren’t comfortable with it? I just don’t get that part.

It’s like me saying, “No, I don’t want to recommend the next season of Walking Dead because AMC tries to sell you Ford and McDonalds.” That’s cutting off your nose to spite your face.

You’re not saying you would take someone else’s content, edit it, and upload it here or an an alternate service, are you?

If it’s your content —> YouTube because easy. Present no sales pitch.

If it’s someone else’s content —> To be fair, you view it where they posted it.

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