Still not trust level 3?

You’re a meany :frowning: .

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Old forum bans don’t mean much for Level 3, I had a 3 day ban back in the day for reasons. I have Level 3 now.

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I suppose so haha.

Great. I know I’m not lvl 3 cause I can’t post links.

But I have no idea what I need to do (yes, I realize there’s a list of requirements, but I don’t know what I still have left to do…ya know?).

Hey! I just discovered this! Thanks! :smiley:

Most of those stats actually show up on your summary.

T3 is impossible to get. I gave up on trying.

Oh well I guess.

Blizzard is blocking me from the memes this is prime injustice.

I’m still only level 2. I don’t give many likes is what’s holding me back I think. No way for me to look though.

you need 5k more views and more likes

Apparently I do :tired_face:

Click your Portrait → View Activity → Summary

Missing a lot of posts read. You need 20k in the last 100 days, you’re only at 15k~. Keep reading (or scroll through a big thread, like the portal one).

Hmmm, seems like its character specific? I should stop swapping between all my alts.

It is character specific, yes.