How many posts

do i have to make before i can put videos and pictures in my threads?

A lot. You also need to have never been given a forum suspension. If you’ve ever violated CoC rules and been given even a 1 day ban, you can’t reach trust level 3.


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You don’t need to make a lot of posts. Just 10. It’s the reading that you need to do. And visiting enough days within the 100 day period.

ahh… well, that’s all good to know. erm… how do you find out your trust level then?

ahhh… okay well, thank you for the help you guys! :smiley:

Is there someway to view what my rank is? lol

You have at least 46 days left of being here.

wait, i’m already confused, trust level 3 i have to visit atleast 50% of last 100 days? does that mean i have to visit everyday, or that i have to visit half of the posts from the last 100 days?

So you need to visit 100 days.

The phrasing is because after obtaining L3. you then have to MAINTAIN it. So in that regard, after that every 100 days, at least visit half and continue to accomplish the other requirements. The days also do not have to be consecutive for your first 100

yikes. well, that’s annoying, not to mention difficult. i got a.d.d, it makes doing things like maintaining improbably hard… >_<

In all honesty it’s one of those things that you shouldn’t work towards. Instead, just keep engaging with the forums and eventually it will happen.

It’s like trying to get the 100K Honorable Kills Achievement. NO ONE actively works for that. They just play the game, perhaps ensuring that what they do serves that purpose, and eventually they get it. But you don’t have people day in day on literally doing nothing except AV’s to rack up kills for months. That’s how I see it.

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people say the same thing about the rep-grinds, but if i don’t actively work toward those, i’ll get behind and won’t get the sweet rewards… kinda like i have already, with everyone getting allied races, and i’m still sitting here with none of the new ones. >_<

then, when i do catch-up, it’ll be too late, and everyone will have moved on to the next new thing… that’s more my own issue and not the forum’s…

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Seems a little crazy to have to do all of that just to post a picture onto here!

Although my least favorite part about the new forums is how they limit our likes. I want to like everything I like lol.

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