Forum trust level

You’ve got way too much time on your hands.


Don’t bother with it. It’s too easy for it to drop by getting flagged. Even if a mod removes the flags, your account is still tainted.

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Yeah I know… I’ve been so extremelly busy but now that things are calm at work and with no problems to solve at home I was trying to just relax but I stumbled across the trust level thing and decided to increase it. One thing led to another and without noticing I was sitting in front of a big excell spreadsheet :sweat_smile:

Do you know what your trust level is at currently?

Yes. I’m at TL2.

From what I’ve read, it takes a good long bit.

Level 3: Takes about two months of daily/near daily visiting and read 20+k posts. An important note about this level is that all of the activity must of taken place within the past 100 days.


Kind of strange your activity isn’t tracking your read posts. Mine seems to be, but it doesn’t tell me exactly how many I read, just what threads I visited.

its a waste of time.

I want to get to trust level 3 but I’ve been suspended and so I suppose I will never get to post funny meme pictures

I’ve read before where others have gotten suspended but were able to earn tl3. I think they said it took a lot longer and it may just depend on how many times you’ve gotten actioned.

My guess would be that it’s probably gotta be past the hundred days. Not sure! I’ve been actioned twice recently. One was probably deserved; I’m still not sure what the first one was about.

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I just place my mouse cursor over the number of Topics Revied/Posts Read and it displays exactly how many of each I have. But still I find it confusing as to why, for example, I read 10 new topics and I get credited 1 or 2 :man_shrugging:t2:

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Don’t make posts that get flagged, but also read through the forums on a regular basis and trust will go up fairly quickly. I’m not concerned with it other than being able to post links from youtube once in a while, which requires a bit of trust.

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Hmm on your profile page, under summary it kind of gives you stats and you can mouse over them. Hopefully they show a more accurate number, or is that where you’re looking?

A good example of this.

Just had a few users log onto their alts to false flag a bunch of my posts in the Void elf topic. I know who it was too as they bragged about it.

Easy to lose Trust level when Blizzard allows people to flag users multiple times with their alts

Reading through this thread I find it funny that many people still believe the flagging system is working as intended and that the mods are not biased at all.
Bootlicking indeed.

Good luck on your trust level journey though

Until they stop users from flagging posts multiple times with alts then the flag system will always be tainted.

Have a user just do so to me and bragged about it.

I am too much of a bad boy and get thrown in time out from the fourms to get any trust level

Consider it a badge of honor.

Having some users hate you so much that they’ll abuse the flag system with their alts to try to silence you means that you’ve done something right and worth saying.

That’s my main concern here. I’ve been coming pretty much daily since around 10 years even if I don’t play the game I keep coming to catch up on things. I never really gave it so much thought about trust level but now that I started I wanted advise on why it doesnt seem to work for me.

I can see the accurate number and that’s why I’m baffled as to why I read X amount of topics and replies within the given time frame but it only counts as 1/X.

How do I see my distrust level?