Trust level?

There are trust levels? Had no idea lol

Yeah, apparently in the forums there are…

Can you post a link?

No, buts it has been talked about on these new forums quite a bit… some people seem to know their trust level…

You should be at level 3 with how active you are. Maybe you don’t give our enough likes or something.

Scroll down to where she talks about the Trust levels.


There’s an API call you can make that’ll give you some JSON containing your trust level.

Replace ‘Alacialuun-lightbringer’ with your character name and realm.

If you want to make the JSON easy to read copy paste into


Okay, I got it. Guess I’m level 2

Thanks peeps!


Well one really easy way to see if your level 3 is that a secret forum unlocks called the “Lounge” on the main forum page. Only level 3 people can see it.

Gave a heart! I know that’s a part of the requirement.

If you take a look at the linked post you can see the precise requirements and see how close you are on forum summary page for the select character.

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I had gotten a 14ish hour suspension recently… So I can’t reach level 3.

From the forums?

Yeah from the forums lol

:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: that stinks.

Was it from the forums,the ban?

If it helps I’m not sure if that restriction is account wide or just pertains to that specific character but I’m not sure.

DO you get a notification? Just curious how that works, because I have had several posts deleted because they were unfavorable opinions on streamers and Twitch.

Doesn’t matter, level 2 can do all the good stuff anyways it appears.

Yeah, I was notified of a temporary suspension, I could read but not post? I dunno, I slept through it after my kids wore me out at the park lol


Just behave yourself and it’ll drop off the record eventually. Although it says you can’t ever reach tl3 if you have a suspension, this is not true.


Behave myself? What kind of dark magic is that? Blasphemy!!!


I have level 3 and I was suspended a few months ago. The black marks on your account drop off rather quickly.

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Thanks for the heads up friend!