Post a link to your favourite pvper that streams!

just copy and paste a link from youtube/twitch

clips don’t seem to work atm

That explains it actually, I was trying to post a clip and it didn’t work.


One of the best videos on the internet

How do we check our trust level?

You just add .json to the end of your character’s armory and ctrl+f “trust_level”

No way to check what’s required to go up though.

Unlucky I’m at 0

On topic, my favorite streamer is Jellybeans

you’re a green poster so you’re prob auto level 3


Trust levels on the World of Warcraft forums are a way to measure your participation and engagement within the community. As you actively contribute by posting, liking, replying, reading, and visiting the forums, you gradually work your way up to higher trust levels. Each trust level comes with additional privileges. Here’s how it works:

  1. Trust Level 0 (New User):

    • Everyone starts here.
    • Limited permissions.
    • Promotes to the next level by reading and visiting the forums.
  2. Trust Level 1 (Basic):

    • Requirements:
      • Enter 5 topics.
      • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts.
    • Additional privileges:
      • Can create links to trusted websites (such as Blizzard, YouTube, Twitch, etc.).
  3. Trust Level 2 (Member):

    • Requirements:
      • Post more than 3 topics.
      • Post more than 10 replies (not necessarily sequentially).
      • Reply to 3 different topics.
    • Additional privileges:
      • Can create links to any website.
  4. Trust Level 3 (Regular):

    • Requirements:
      • Reply to 10 different topics.
    • Additional privileges:
      • Increased likes per day.
      • Access to a private lounge category.
      • Can recategorize and rename topics.
      • Can hide spam posts.
  5. Trust Level 4 (Leader):

    • Requirements:
      • Admins can manually promote users to this level.
    • Additional privileges:
      • Full moderation abilities.
      • Access to private staff categories.

Please note that your trust level can decay over time if you become less active on the forums. Keep participating, and you’ll continue to unlock more features! ¹³

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(2052) Barny64 - YouTube

Jesus Christ a 5 year necro, god damn

Why are you like this?


Barney64 puts out great content, no matter how old the vids are. As far as World PVP he is funny as heck with his narrations in his videos. I watch him for the pure enjoyment. Just waiting on his next ones…in time I

I bet im trust level tuckyb made a post better police it.

Tuck I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you mean :thinking:

Man was talking about the different trust levels on the forums I was just joking I have my own trust level.

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Oh that’s no problem, and I hope you didn’t take that defensivley , just when you said you made a post and to police it, I assumed you were directing that at me since the reply was to me and I honestly and sincerely didn’t know what you meant to police your post. But it’s all good , I never meant anything by it. I was just a confused :hugs:

oh wow surprised this post wasnt taken down KEKW