Trust level

How do you check it?

Also, why did this even become a thing? What was wrong with the old style forums?

This mobile version is nice however :slight_smile:

I personally like it to be able to post pictures?

I don’t remember the command to check it, though if you’re Trust Level 3, you’ll see the Lounge option when choosing what forums to browse.

Probably to boost some sort of metric for the forum as well as having a more automated system so they could cut back on CM’s.

Makes sense to me. :man_shrugging:

Nothing, which means it had to be changed.

That’s what we’ll all be saying about WoW mobile in an expansion or two.

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There’s no way to check I believe

I could be wrong :woman_shrugging:
I don’t think I am tho


How do you post pictures?

Check here. If I remember correctly there was a way to check it. It’s in this thread somewhere.

Thank you!
VERY helpful!
All outta likes so here’s a :+1: AND a :beer:!


That’s a thing that can happen?

Happens to me on the regular. As you gain trust levels you get more. But you’ll still run out.

Unfortunately, yes; makes for lotsa fun ‘ty’ posts tho’

Oh this is tragic. I’m not stingy about doling out hearts. Time for less than three spam.


It’s convoluted and not really meant to be checked, but this is the way to do it.

If you are Trust Level 3, just posting a link will embed the picture in your post:

The Lounge is a forum section for only Trust Level 3 folks. That’s the easiest way to see if you are or are not Level 3. Otherwise the other way is to delve into the code like one of the posters above pointed out.

Go there and do a ctrl+F for “trust_level”. The highest number there will be the trust level you’re currently at, which in your case is 2.

I once posted a picture that had a naughty word in it so I’m punished forever more and will never again be able to post pictures, so yknow, be careful with that.

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Yeah we get a pretty cool lounge. But if you been suspended in game or forums you lose it (I think that goes for silences too) and cannot earn it back ever again.

The issue I have with it, is if I decide to take a break from the forums for a week or two I end up going back to level 2 for not reading enough posts. (I think once you get level 3 you have to read 1-5k posts a month) I’m not sure about the numbers tbh. I just scroll through posts like a maniac on my lunch breaks until I get it back for the month.

You ask your friends over to tell them a big secret and whoever spills the beans the following day is not trustworthy.


Because bad things happen to good people.

Absolutely nothing!

Check the links before posting. It does suck that you’re forever punished, so fair warning.

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They are talking about infection forgiveness for exactly this reason just sk you know.

No time frame but it has been brought up at least.