How can you tell what level you are on?

Trick to see your trust level : go to your summary page and add .json to the adress bar. You’ll see a list of info. Look for the trust level in there (the highest one). I think it’s written in pink.


I wish I knew):


Lol okay then

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Doesnt work - takes me to a notepad page of gibberish. Can you clarify the exact link as I get my name then / summary and adding .json to that doesnt work.


The page it takes you too is supposed to look a bit like code. That’s normal. I swear I could find my trust level in there. It was written in pink, so it’s a little easier to find. Mind you, don’t just look at the text on the left, mine was written a bit to the right if that makes sense.


This might be more of a help for you, OP.


That’s the JSON code. You need to search it for all occurrences of the text “trust_level”.

It’ll be inside a nested groups structure. You need to be a member of a previous trust level before you go up to the next. So by looking for all occurrences of “trust_level” and looking at the last one you’ll see your trust level.


I am Trust level 3


It’ll be inside a nested groups structure.

Oh God dont take me back to those.…my early coding classes gave me a headache. Its at 1 now which is all I needed…the system is hierarchical so I get the idea in general.



Trying using your browser’s Find function, with “trust_level”. According to mine, I’m Trust Level 1 now.

Far to complex.

Ya’ll really need a training wheels mode for old players who don’t do twitch or fakebook or readit or whatever it is called.

I figured out the old forum, but this new one is kinda not feeling friendly or informative to me.


But the likes are “limited”, evidently?

50 per day, it seems, at whatever lowbie trust level I am at.

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Would be nice to know where you were in this system.

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Why can’t they just show it to you, next to your name or on your account page? Why is our own trust level hidden from us?


This is a pretty old thread, we’ve figured it out since then.

Just open up your own account’s activity page and add the .json extension to the URL. You’ll see a bunch of JSON markup, just to a find for trust_level and whatever the highest level of trust you see is your current trust level. For example, you’re trust level 1.

It’s purposefully opaque so they can easily silence/limit problematic posters without them having an objective list of standards to refer to.


what level of forum trust are you on?

idk like one?

yOu aRe LiKe LiTtLe BaBy WaTcH tHiS



The only people who aren’t higher than level 1 are Blizzard Employees and MVPs. Everyone else is Level One if you have spent 10 minutes reading the forums since they went live.

We’ll start seeing Level Two next week. We’ll see Level 3 in January.

There isn’t an easier way to find this, eh?

I’m glad you asked! Try using this -

Courtesy of GrimmJ of EU Nagrand

  • Credit GrimmJ if you share
  • Not my own work
  • Works using oAuth so only Blizzard is handling your login info
  • No one outside of Blizzard is getting your login or password - when it needs to authenticate it hands it over to

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