GD Lounge # Reforged

Wish I had some availability to do so. Unfortunately, winter is really tight for us. My hours get cut in half. I work remotely for a pool company in Texas (Im in WA).

Koro! :two_hearts: gasps… only 167 posts???

Well there goes that bet… le sigh.

i feel like you would send me a fire gif

speaking of… how does one see their trust level… asking for a friend.

If I knew there was a bet over me I would have tanked it intentionally.


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luckily mine doesn’t, but i have to show up even if we have 10 customers in 2 weeks


Oh wow, that sucks. Thankfully I dont have to go into work. I just have to be available during the day when my boss works.

Thank you! :two_hearts:



You had to use that scene, huh?

no want :neutral_face:

Going to abuse linking a video while I can til I reach level 2.


Of course I did.


You are so not innocent.

However, I see you’re putting points into your gif-fu.

Everything was fine until the Fire Emojis attacked.

Lull’s skill in gif-fu has increased to level 5.

i know fire’s one true weakness. Pineapple pizza.

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Fire burns pizza.

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