Like limit

No idea. It’s like it’s set to default settings, and no one messed with it or something. Likes shouldn’t be limited.


Likes should have never been limited.


I think the amount increases with your trust level but im not sure

And yeah it shouldn’t be limited


I understand if number of new topics and posts would be limited but i don’t understand why likes need to be.

Also i doubt i liked more than 20 comments today. Maybe not even that. I really wonder what the limit is.

“You’ve reached the maximum number of likes. Please wait 3 hours before trying again.”

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I know, it is so annoying. And it still shows up on my end if I’ve liked it but I am not sure if it goes through. I’m trying to get to tier 2 on the forums, maybe thats when it lifts.

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Its part of the trust levels,if you google it you will find the original thread explaining it.

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When I was TL3, it wasn’t expanded by too much. Maybe could dish out ~25 more likes.

BTW I don’t see why likes are limited, its stupid. Likes is a good thing, its positive interaction. I don’t understand why its limited.


i don’t get it why they cannot specify it in the forum guide. It maps out all new features even tiers but likes are not mentioned.

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It always has. There is no conspiracy here.

edit: It’s a function of the software, which was purchased rather than created in-house.

Thanks. Now i know my trust level but it still does not says anything about likes. Also seems weird why tier 2 which seems as highests tier for casual forum goer would have only about 20 likes, but whatever, weird feature though.

There is another link at the bottom of that post,where it says click here for trust level details.

Ok this is ridiculous. After three hours of not being able to like anything, I was given two likes and now i cannot like again.

That’s really norm?

Yes, they are on a timer. You get X per 24 hours.

It’s been that way since the new forum launched.

However, each character has a separately tracked supply of Likes.

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Ashrak, you’re right. It’s social credit nonsense being applied to everyone else.
Blizzard has become a Chinese company.

Controlling likes also restricts discussion because most people would look to see how many likes before taking the time to read a post.

Now, many of the good posts are overlooked. That’s why I think they do it.

I was going to delete my account right before my sub ends but on second thought, I might wait a bit and see if Blizzard gets sold again.

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Which is amazingly poorly thought out. We have trust levels tied to characters. Likes tied to characters. Even flags are tied to characters. And they don’t seem to do anything to people who hop onto different characters to mass like/flag a post.

Here you go, friend. Your answers lie within.

But there is no clear answer about the number though which is what I was interested in. I do not care anymore, to be honest though. It is a dumb and weirdely controlling system which is all i need to know.

Also thanks to the fact they do not specify the exact number, it gives them theoretically free hand to subtly restrict some people. Whatever.