Flagging abuse

There really needs to be a way to do this, I agree. There’s a circular firing squad of 4-5 or so that controls the larger of the “MUH WATER STRIDURZ!” threads, who flag those who disagree with them.

Only thing that sucks is Blizzard won’t punish people who’re abusing the system.

I’m not trolling but what’s this trust thing? Has it been implemented yet? I don’t see anything at all against anyone’s posts about their trust level etc. I legit can’t find it anywhere, even if I click my own profile, it just goes to an armoury instead.

A forum grind. The higher your “trust” level the more likes you can post a day, also you can post memes in case you aren’t capable of holding an actual conversation.

Is it an invisible thing, behind the scenes? How do you view your own trust level? - How do you view anyone’s, I don’t see it anywhere.

No idea, I never cared enough to know exactly how but this thread will show you.

I’m hit.

You gotta enjoy a meme time to time.
Ion also enjoys some memes he call his best one titanforging.

i’ve grinded trust level 3 on 2 different toons. -.-

Good question.

Are they STILL letting the inmates run the asylum?:thinking:

Well I’m still here.

None of those suggestions work for me, maybe it’s because I hit the mandatory level 10 less than a week ago? I just can’t find mine or anyone else’s anywhere.

No idea tbh. I’ve never been interested enough to grind something on a forum. My suspensions would hold me back anyway.

i’ve been suspended a couple of times and i still have it on two toons. the other is a dwarf warlock.

I was under the impression that once you get suspended you can’t earn it level 3?

I’m not allowed to talk about that.

Don’t be scared. Let’s get suspended together.

no, i definitely got it twice after i got my suspension on this current forum, as well as one on the old one. a friend of mine got a few days vacation as well and was ready to leave the forum but she still has trust level 3.

Ah, well that’s cool I suppose. I just can’t really see a reason to grind it out then grind to keep it. It’s cool if others want it though.

I got it from using the forums, nothing less nothing more. :slight_smile:

this is dekkar.