Trust Levels suck

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I tend to think trust falls are worse.

Activision’s new forum time spent metric has to be met.


The only bad thing is people posting weak memes from the early 2000’s. It’s like opening up a Youtube video and 009 sound system starts playing. Step up your game, plebbit-tier normies.


I thought all this rep grinding in the forums was for the Forum Troll Allied Race


If they need to give people an incentive to behave, there’s a very big problem.

Also, I just looked around a little and was wondering if there’s a way to look up your trust level? I found a forum post

and that seems like a bit much to go through. Seems silly to put levels in and not make it crystal clear where you stand in them. I could just be blind. lol :sweat_smile:

Don’t be a ballbag and you won’t have a problem.

I mean it really is that simple. Nobody is entitled to be a prick without consequence.


Everyone is a prick occasionally. This system means you can never make up for it though.


So if you get to TL3, and get silenced, suspended, or multi flagged, will you be sent back to TL2 or are you forever safe as TL3?

No, everyone gets angry or annoyed occasionally. You always have the option of holding your tongue and not shooting your mouth off, as everyone with a job knows.

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We all have our bad days where we post something we probably shouldn’t have. A temporary suspension, getting bumped down a trust level is fine. Never being able to recover from that isn’t.


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I see where you guys are coming from, Caargon & Shadows. While people should fully take responsibility for their actions, we aren’t robots and sometimes things get said and we regret it afterwards. To not be able to come back from that seems wrong.

It just feels like Blizz is taking the most hands off approach to their forums, which since you’ve always needed an active, ie paid, subscription to post here is BS.


I don’t even notice trust level. I use my words instead of images.

I don’t get the gripe with trust levels…

It’s more than just the images, which really don’t effect me. For some the issue is not being able to post a link to a website. All those instances of “Citation Needed” and not being able to back up what you said.

I think if I’m paying for something, this is a paid forum because you need an active account, I should not have to obtain anything to post what I like. All that matters is that it fits within a reasonable terms of service.


Well said.

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Didn’t it say 20k posts read? You have 10k.

Also the suspension thing is questionable. Was it in effect right when the forums switched? Think that’s when it tags, not before or after.

Read more posts and see what happens.

Actually this is not a paid forum anymore from my understanding. I remember people saying that free accounts can post here.

That being said, the trust level required to post links is incredibly easy to get. Until you do just use one of the work arounds by adding a space or something.

You’re 1k shy for read posts.

Read moar! (Let the thread load and then hit End >_<)

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