Worst Halloween Candy

Anyone with Trust Level 3 can add images/gifs and external links.

Level 2 and below must add a ` to the beginning and end of links that aren’t wowhead, youtube or a blizzard site to post them.

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Dots yeah…but these strawberry candies, we gonna fight.

trust levels? How do i get trust levels

zombie skittle

That…actually looks interesting. Might have to get some post-halloween sale candy corn and try that out.


You can read more about trust levels here:

Just scroll down to the section in the first post about them.

There’s additional information (how to find out your own Trust Level) here, as well -


Friends this thread is about bad candy not internet profiles. Carry on.

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How dare you

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Sorry for the off topic comments, I can’t ignore when someone asks :frowning:

How come no one’s complained about getting those little tubes of toothpaste yet? Those are like the kid version of getting a religious pamphlet disguised as cash for a tip.


It was for people like those we always carried a couple of eggs with us.


You basically have to hang out on the forums and post a lot.

Do that for a few months straight and you can post pictures and all kinds of fun links.

Good N Plenty


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hey I like good n plenty’s… its taffy in any form , and granola bars of ANY type that always gave me the Charlie Brown moment …“I got a rock” …

Candy corn.

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So I’m weird, because I like chocolate just fine, and while I’m no peanut butter fanatic, I definitely don’t mind it…but mix the two together and it’s gonna be a no from me, dawg. Meanwhile, I’m also one of the rare ones you hear about that actually likes candy corn. :man_shrugging:t2:

Those gross popcorn balls.


Anything with coconut


How dare you.

Also I hate coconut too.

clutches pearls How dare you both

You’re my hero. I’d vote for you

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