[CS Lounge] Centaurian Autumnal Celebration

I definitely need to read more posts, I was just curious in general if there was some trust page I wasn’t seeing.

Out of curiosity, is anyone else here still having their launcher updating wow and other blizzard games whenever you launch it? CS on twitter said the issue was resolved last week but I know several people that still have it.

Try a scan and repair of the launcher. Or reinstall it.


Tried both. Tried uninstalling hearthstone on its own, tried deleting program data, and then tried deleting hearthstone and the launcher. Hearthstone and wow still loop. I’d rather not uninstall wow until I can get hearthstone to stop looping. Save my data cap and my time.

Hi Bravik Welcome, My game playing name is Yäomólièrén which in Chinese Pinyin means “Demon Hunter” but most of the people around here in North Carolina call me “Bubba”


Here’s where you can find out your trust level and how to get to level 3:

Finding out your trust level - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

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Going down the relaunch of Leverage rabbit hole. I loved that show.

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Thanks man.

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I’m on the 3rd episode of Season five.

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Redemption has 5 seasons? Wow haha.

Lots to watch then.

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Hello Bubba!

I spent a while near where you’re at. I lived in Augusta and Athens, GA from 87’ to 98’ before I moved to the land of Mooooo!:ox:

I haven’t been to NC in a long time. I had some training in Raleigh/Durham for a couple of days though. It seemed like a nice enough place, but pretty busy compared to here. I’m a fan of small towns just like Mr. Mellencamp I guess.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Stay safe id hate to see on the new mysterious bunny dressend gnome found floating out to sea mumbling must get back to azeroth.

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A (former) fellow Georgian I see. /wave

I’m a bit south of Augusta — living right at the Okefenokee currently


Keep going until you reach Florida .


I’m not a fan of large towns either, I grew up on the coast of N.C. gathering my own Oysters and Clams, Flounder gigging at night (My Father got a 15 lb. one once), a small boat with a Shrimp net, Spot nets living the good life.
At that time in the 1960’s and 70’s there was a lot of wooded land where as a kid we would explore and found old artifacts from the 1600’s, One creek nearby had the name of Whiskey Creek where it was said that Blackbeard would hide his ship from the British, One graveyard we found in the woods near the creek had a tombstone dated 1598, Those were some good days, Maybe one day I will write a book of our adventures.
Back then we only had 2 TV stations ABC & NBC then UHF came out on the TV’s and we got a 3rd Channel “FOX”, we thought that was something now today with Thousands of channels I find myself scrolling through them and finding nothing to interest me.

I once lived in a small town 30 miles from the coast during my first marriage, I looked it up not long ago and the population is up to 299 now.

I miss living on the coast and look forward to moving back there next year hopefully near the Charleston, S.C. area.


No, the first run.

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Ahhh ok. Yeah i LOVED that show man

Good morning folks! I hope you all had a nice holiday with loved ones or a normal boring week outside of the US :wink:

I made bad decisions on holiday sales but yay new TV


We just got a snow squall warning from the National Weather Service. I can say I have never had that warning before. They say if you are in the path, pull off the road. Visibility in it is zero. If you are home stay there til it passes. Home it is for me. :snowflake: :cloud_with_snow:


Happy Hanukkah 2021 (5782)