LFG tool is fine

Once again, you put words in my mouth … I’m failing to recall a single instance of my saying it’s not a great thing? I would love to be proven wrong on this.

Minimizing a statement because you know it’s accurate doesn’t make it not accurate.

Boomer comment. Called it.

What does any of this have to do with first you mention having to get through an 8 hour shift then you claim you’re not working only to acknowledge you are working? Get your story straight please.

Maybe in your delusional world. LOL.

Incorrect. I’m playing the game to enjoy it and have zero desire to plow through the content.

Heart rate is between 77 and 83 respectively.

This is a fitting gif for you.

You already have been proven wrong on this. Read up.

No, but it’s commonplace for people to act like they understood something when they clearly didn’t.

That was in response to something you wrote… you okay dude?

Lol, what other race on Horde can be paladin… are you sexist? Women can’t be paladins? I dunno what kinda point you’re trying to make.

Wish I had hair half that nice.

Proven wrong on what? Jesus, you flip flop way too much. You’re claiming I’m stating
how RDF is a bad thing. I’m asking you to show me where I’ve said this???

Comprehension? Reading hard, remember?

You really suck at gaslighting.

Oh, this is getting good. I went from a boomer, to being sexist, to saying women can’t be paladins.

What’s next?

Wait what? Why did I think we can’t post gif here. And why did nobody tell me I am wrong. Please help this ignorant peasant how do you post a gif?

I’ve stood firm on my convictions, I’m not sure where you are getting your ideas from.

Not trying to, was a genuine question… you seem to be losing it a bit.

It was a question… you clearly are afraid to answer it, why is playing female BE paladin a bad thing? You seem to be against the female portion. Which seems kinda sus…

It’s trust level. You have to do an astronomical amount of crap before you can post links.

One sec, I’ll find the post from a MVP breaking it all down.

New Forum Guide - Syntax and Features - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

and this might help too:

Finding out your trust level - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Ah ok so I’ll never get to do it. No big deal, thanks for letting me know.

You can get it just by casually browsing the forums intermittently.

I’ve lost it a couple times and it somehow came back. :person_shrugging:

Yeah I get bored of using forum too fast to commit to participate long term. Very unlikely that I ever will be able to. As I said it’s no big deal though.

Cool? What does that have to do with you claiming I’m saying RDF is bad? I’ve yet to say that in any thread anywhere.

I’m sick and tired of people spamming threads for it. The group finder we have now works just fine and accomplishes the same damned thing with a bit of EFFORT put into it.

If we had RDF, you bet your rear I’d be using it. The fact it’s not in the game has played a major part in my choice to work on a DPS class or a tank/healer. Ultimately, I’m playing a DPS with the understanding it’s going to be a major PITA to get into groups.

You’re sitting there thinking I’m anti-RDF when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m also content without it too as at least we have SOMETHING to get groups together.

Apparently this happens when you get a random person on the forums calling you a “boomer” because you express an opinion which doesn’t align with theirs. :man_shrugging:

Sure seemed more like an accusation to me.

I also “seem” to be a boomer amongst other nefarious terms you’re choosing to direct toward me. I’ll let you sit and stew on it a bit. You seem to like to label people, so please continue.

I work in a high stress job and the forums help me find an escape from the crap.

Then make that group and do it, I’m sure there are like minded players out there who would also like those things. But me personally I’m fine with locking heroics behind a gear score or however Blizzard would fresh 80s from queing heroics.

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I actually disagree with that part when it pertains to content below level 70-80. I believe RDF would incite more people to queue for that content especially if cross-realm is available.

Otherwise I don’t mind with or without. I favor pro-RDF for 70-80 content very slightly. In terms of pros vs cons. I held that opinion before lunch and it hasn’t changed after experiencing the wotlk content.

Well one day the forums will be freed of that topic. It will surely outlast it. Then maybe you can go back to being a healthy forum user. Sickness cured and all.

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this just in tank getting free stuffs says LFG is fine more at 11

Are you ready to run that 5 man? I’m not telling you what one it in till you get here got 5 mins lets go go go

All I’m seeing here from you is, “I don’t know what I’m talking about and am just gonna sling random non-sensical crap at you.” Whatever you say dude. You are going to duck and dodge every question I ask, no matter how I say the question. It’s the type of person you are… but you seem to be attempting to get back on topic, that’s a plus.

You keep talking about effort, like this is some sort of promotion we’re trying to get at work. People put EFFORT into things they care about, putting forth EXTRA EFFORT to get into a group, only to be treated like a lineup for a basketball game in gym class. Then having to waste time and currency flying there because that really keeps the world alive… :roll_eyes: then having to travel back to where you were questing… sounds like tons of fun :face_vomiting:


Well if you make something clear from the get-go instead of acting snarky at a response from someone who is clearly pro-RDF… answer it with some tact and maturity.

I want RDF and I just won’t do heroics or dungeons in general without it or whatever guild I’m in inviting me. LFG is a waste of time for heroics, they aren’t difficult in any way. I want the QoL, nothing to do with effort. Once you are used to something, going backwards feels awful, it’s part of the reason I loath Vanilla and quit after a few heroics in TBC… finding a group even as a healer was rough.

It should’ve never not been added. Use it or don’t that’s your hill to die on but having both is a better option than having only one or the other.

Instead of playing an online video game and teaming up with random people to complete group content, we are stuck listening to sped conversations in LFG. Topics like relationships, politics, and social issues. Instead of a dedicated way to play the content in the game, we are givin a backwards system that fails to deliver what the developer’s intended on creating.
The planet is boiling, politicians are not going to save you, and neither is “human rights”. I just want to log in and play video game. Instead, I gotta listen to all the Earth’s NPCs. Awesome design.
IMO blizzard was just lazy and wanted to save money not putting something into their game. Simple as.

Not enough people? What you mant me to spam LFG or Trade chat for 5 hours? Guess what its not gonna change anything there is nobody.

I ran the nexus last night while leveling a paladin. It took me less than a minute to invite 4 people to a group from the LFG tool.

You can’t gatekeep yourself, and I didn’t choose to gatekeep anyone else, so forming the group was quick and easy.


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its not fine…

I queue as a dps (boomkin) and it clearly shows im DPS…

I get invited into a group… okay you heal, but im dps (i clearly showed dps) no you have heals in your name, you heal

I leave party, queue as DPS again…

boom another invite, sweet - lets go, wait guys… whos the healer? group answers - you are, your a druid… i said no i queued as DPS… okay just go back to town and respec as a healer, lets go…

sigh… leave party queue as dps… get a pm, i see you accidently queued as dps, can you heal for our UK group… ummm… no thanks, im dps…

4 hours later, random invite… - i join and say, you know im DPS right (before they say anything) and they say well duh, you queued as DPS we have a paladin healer and paladin tank, we just need aoe damage! wow… amazing finally 4 hours of gettting in and out of groups 1 good group…

yeah… its BROKEN add RDF