The time has come

Oh yea, time has come

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So we basically are using China’s credit system here and if you are good enough, you can post gifs? Lol…


You are level 2.

Do they get demoted though?

How do you know what level someone is?

Can use that on anybody who doesn’t have their profile set to private. Otherwise, only they can view themselves.

In theory, if the requirements are no longer met (in other words, they’ve received too many confirmed flags for example) then the trust level should automatically be revoked to the prior level.

I think we need some clarification, but good luck ever getting that.

The thing with level 3 is that you do get demoted if you do not keep up with a certain level of activity over a 100 day period. Which is reading 20,000 posts, visit 50 days, view 500 different topics. I used to have level 3 on the OW forums but lost it due to inactivity.

Considering you’re already TL3, not really sure what you’re on about tbh.

I don’t know how though is the thing.

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oh. so cant post gif ;n;

how do you know what trust level you are at

Go to your profile. Remove the stuff after your server name in the link and type in .json. Weird text page comes up. Use the Ctrl + F feature to search “trust”. I didn’t explain it very well, but you can figure it out like that.

I wouldn’t question things too much then, in that case. Account actions, such as flags (and the sometimes accompanying temp ban if you’ve received enough) need to be actually moderator approved to count against you. Everything else on your profile matches the requirements, so there you go. Happy TL3 day to you.

Too complicated but thanks anyway


But for further explanation:

My guess is that I am at trust level 2, as it seems I can post as much as I want to post, but trust level 3 I will never reach as I’m too eccentric and the community consider some of my posts when I’m joking ‘trolling’

They can through suspensions.

It’s reasonable to assume that, in the same way that people who have had suspensions in the past cannot become TL3, anyone who is suspended after becoming a TL3 would be demoted back to TL2.

All that matters is whether or not your account is actiond by Blizzard.

Even if everyone had a problem with what you post and flagged you incessantly, as long as Blizzard doesn’t suspend you, then you’re still always eligible for TL3.