Will the dragon expansion have any Horde story ties? (Give me some hope)

Now I just want her too do this

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How do you post YouTube videos?

It just auto does it for me when I put the link in a post, I assume it’s because of some trust level? I don’t know how you level that up.

I’mma try and link one, see if it allows me :wolf:

Whelp. It just gives a link to send people to YouTube. Oh well :smiley:

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I found this on trust level

Trust Level 3 users can

  • Create Wiki Posts (more on that below)
  • Post animated gifs, images, compatible video embeds, and links to any website

Thanks for the info! :wolf:

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I never really knew how to upgrade my trust level. I’ve been stuck on 2 since forever. Perhaps that’s what I get for unsubscribing for many many many months out of anger for the bad stories we get.

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Mine never got above lvl 1. Probably due to the numerous 3 day silences I’ve gotten for speaking my mind a little too truthfully around here. Mods don’t seem to like that. :wolf:


Yeah, I quit a bunch too, I think I was gone for like half of 9.0 and pretty much all of 9.1. It just seems to be some time gated thing, I’m sure like suspensions or whatever would effect that as well.

Yeah no problem! I didn’t even really know what the levels were either or how you got them up. I also noticed there is this a little bit ago

Nothing really is going on in there except it being another general discussion area.


This section of the forums is stressful enough for me, dealing with….Certain people :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s also the new centaur tribes on the Dragon Isles who are likely at full strength. Which should make any Kalimdor tauren start to hyperventilate in a panic for at least a little bit until they actually interact. That for sure is a big hook for tauren, which coupled with Ebonhorn gives them some good links.

Trolls have Primordial Trolls but one thing I’d really like to see explored is the interactions between the Loa and dragons.

Orcs have Thrall and the Dragonmaw.

Blood Elves have Salandria, potentially, but also Quel’delar, which is currently MIA as far as I know.


The Horde will do what it always does best.

They’ll roll in and wreck up the place.

We prefer to call it Archaeology.


I like to think it as radical restructuring.

Only if they bring the Dragonmaw Clan into it. Anything else would be hamfisted and forced.

Thats Odd.

I just recently got my Trust Level 3 back for like the 8th time lol. It is a pleasant surprise when I notice I have access to the lounge.

But even after I lose lvl 3 I can still post youtube videos, just not Gifs. You should be able to post Youtube vids without lvl 3.

Since my little gif powers have returned…


Weird. I guess posting YouTube links on a ipad works differently? Because all it does is create a hyperlink to the YouTube app.

Yea I use my Android or my iphone and it seems similar. Not sure about ipad but it should be the same as an iphone?

Maybe it is the video you are linking? I notice some work and some dont.

I usually click the “copy” button on the video in the youtube app and paste it, not copy the address bar, if that is the issue.

But yeah Youtube and Wowhead are the websites Blizzard considers safe and anyone can post links to those sites, without Trust Level 3.

Cool. Thanks for the info hun :smiley: