Trust level 3

I did it! I didn’t think this would ever happen because I’ve had a few forum vacations over the years. Looks like anyone can get it as long as they behave themselves long enough. Just wanted to put it out there, because it was always unclear to me.


Nice, grats!


The hell is a “trust level?”

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Refrain from insulting people long enough and Blizzard rewards you with the ability to post memes on the forums.



edit: I’ll be darned, I have been redeemed. I don’t even remember the infraction that made me lose level 3 but I remember being mad about it.


I had it, then got a one day suspension on this toon about six months ago.

Forever trust level 2. ;(

Congrats, btw.


welcome to the team.

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Dang, that’s one high-rez ogre.

oh, apparently I am also Trust Level 3.
maybe I should submit another snarling ticket about having my elf-druid unbanned.

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I recently ate 2 suspensions.
One was for mentioning I was in the army and it was flagged as real life threat.

And the other week I wrote up an entire essay in New Player Guide section, for someone who wanted to tank, so I went on about addons, classes/specs and so on. It was massive. Like, really really massive post just to help the OP…and it was flagged and I got 6 month ban, which of course was later revoked after I appealed.

SO yeah, no Lvl3 for me.

They even gave it to me calm down.

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Welcome to the club.

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Its the only fun part of forum perusing.

You can be redeemed, it just may take a while.


You do know who you’re talking to, right?

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Seriously, why you gotta be like that?

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Hey, the opportunity presented itself.


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I lost mine once, when I went on vacation and didn’t log in for a few weeks, but it came right back in about a month.

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I got trust level 3 and then I transferred

Transferring means you can’t be trusted I guess

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