The Unofficial Saurok Playable Race Discussion Megathread! 🐊

As someone who does roleplay a lot, I agree with you. The right roleplay community is a beautiful thing, to be honest. Some people are elitists and terrible, so there’s merit in just… weeding them out? /ignore? People who are not cool. Fast responders, slow responders, we can all enjoy each others’ roleplay styles if we’re open to creativity (within reason, obviously, I’m not talking about any sort of ‘bad’ topics).

I think I saw you mention you are an artist? If so that’s amazing and I love artists, that’s super neat.

I’ve been so flooded with work lately that I haven’t really had a chance to respond to the discussion going on, and I’ve seen tidbits and stuff. But yes, I’m super happy to see the Saurok now getting hyped up and responded to more. Aside from a race I will not mention here as to not start arguments, they are the race I pretty much want the second most, I think. I would have several Saurok characters, no doubt about that, because again, they remind me of dragons in a way, but also lizards are just super cool in general–especially monitor lizards. In my personal opinion.

I do love how the Saurok are pirates, because yes, it does show they will work with other races and are intelligent enough to do so. I want to see more of that. I would adore for them to join the Horde. I was pretty excited to see them there in Battle for Azeroth, to be honest.

I know I’ve said this already but since more are stopping in, I want to repeat myself. I just think that so much can be done with this race and their lore. They were mutated from lizards into this intelligent humanoid race, not a natural race, so how would they cope with that? Some reject their origin, but what about those that come to terms with it? How would they embrace it, how would they blossom and learn? How would they be treated by races that naturally came to be in Azeroth (so… not many if I’m going to be honest. Look at elves, which are mutated trolls from magic. Look at humans, who were originally stone giants. You get my point). It feels like Saurok really aren’t so different after all, when you think about the origin of other races.

I want to see Saurok reject their ‘purpose’ they were created for and become themselves. They were made to be tools, but that’s not what their destiny feels like it should be. There could be such rich story here. And, it’s obvious that I ADORE Death Knights and the ex-scourge that broke off and became their own people. The Saurok kind of remind me of that, to be honest, and they can be even more, too. Things created to be tools/weapons but break from that and become their own people.

Haha, I’m nerding out now. But really! I’m so happy to see the enthusiasm for these folks :slight_smile:


Honestly it’s great seeing your enthusiasm, as well as the others here… And truth be told I really like the ideas you mentioned, if they go a similar route with the DK’s in some way, I’ll be really excited!!

YES EXACTLY!! Also I’ve heard alot of good things about Wyrmrest Accord, actually made a saberon character over there for the purpose of rp… Just been too nervous to actually rp him in Orgrimmar :sweat_smile:

Ye, although not professionally, I just draw to make a couple of bucks on the side, or to pass the time. Plan on posting a sketch of a possible appearance for Saurok armor. HOWEVER, before I do, anyone mind tossing a few things my way? Like what you think would be cool to see in the race’s heritage armor, I may still be learning but I’ll see what I can whip up!

Think I brought mention to combining two different sets, the ring with the banner, if ya have ideas I’ll see how I can implement them into the drawing. Currently just have the saurok’s face done, don’t really wanna go TOO far because I may end up messing everything up in the long run, unless I atleast have a better idea of what the armor should look like. Once I figure out how to post it in here, I’ll be sure too as well… Although not sure you guys would want me to post progress, so I’ll just post the finished thingy.

Update: Started the armor, having some trouble including much bone into the armor. Recall someone mentioned that earlier, but for the most part I’m taking inspiration from the armor we already see… Let’s hope it doesn’t look like crap.


So I’ve mentioned that Saurok flexing and showing off to two pirates in Freehold. I decided to take a screenshot of it:

As you can see, the Saurok is not presently attempting to eat their faces. Instead, he flexes and bows to the pirates who cheer at him while having fun.

I’ve mentioned before that this was likely put in as a silly scene to come across without much thought, but it really does show that Saurok are quite capable of working with others if they have the ability to show-off and be thankful to others.

…come to think of it, it’s odd that I’ve seen Saurok NPC’s primarily interact with races found in the Alliance (not with the Alliance specifically, to be clear). The Saurok above is showing off to two humans, the two Saurok in the underwater bar have a Dwarf come up and do a friendly rawr to them, and the ghost Saurok in Maldraxxus has a spirit that is likely a Dwarf with him.

Not too sure what to think about it. I don’t take it as a sign of Saurok as an Alliance race, which I don’t like the idea of for a variety of reasons I’ve mentioned before, but it is a bit of an odd pattern I noticed. Ah well, I wouldn’t read too much into it personally.

Anyway, the important thing is the point I’ve harped on before: Saurok are fully capable of making friends with and working with other races. Thus, it isn’t too farfetched to ever see a tribe of them work with and even join the Horde for a greater cause.

Saurok for the Horde, please! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Honestly that could make Blizzard decide “Hey let’s make em Alliance” but I still don’t think that would make much sense. But again, the Alliance already has a group of people known for piracy on the High Seas, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it with Saurok. Plus, if we somehow, by some miracle get both the Saberon AND Saurok, then the chances of both of them going Horde decreases even more. I personally think that saberon are Horde, through and through, I think it makes alot more sense for them… But Saurok, honestly they kinda make me think they could fit both factions, and if they were like the pandarian, able to choose either faction then it’d make sense for them to go the pirate route with them. But that’s my opinion on the matter… Also, how do I post a drawing here?? I’m almost done with the sketch of the saurok heritage armor and have no clue how to put it here.

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It’s weirdly a little hard for me to separate “what I want” from “what makes sense” regarding beastly races and whether or not they fit in the horde. Because while I’d personally want them all, the fact remains that they’re based off of the worgen model, and ARs as they are currently lean more toward sticking with their parent faction than crossing over. Only the elves, and half of the Zandalari, really break that trend.

On the other hand, if you had told me before the Cata reveal that the horde’s animal mascot would have carbon copied forsaken themes and go alliance, I would have given you a weird look.

You need to have Trust Level 3 to post links to images and have them show. There are ways to post the URL, however, such as adding space within the url for others to copy and paste.

If you want to check your trust level, this post tells you how to do it:

As for Alliance Saurok, I’ll go ahead and copy and paste something I’ve typed before:

If Saurok ended up on Alliance, while I would be happy to get playable Saurok…I wouldn’t be particularly happy to see them bend the knee to the boy-king as opposed to bending his knee to munch on for a snack.

With something like Sethrak, they could be written to fit either faction very well. They have a more orderly culture and personality where I could see them interacting and fitting in well with Alliance members. I can see them wandering around either Stormwind or Orgrimmar and fitting with the denizens of either faction just fine.

Saurok would likely just be viewed as savage beasts by the Alliance in general, which in a way…they kinda are and is a characteristic that would likely fit better among the Horde. I don’t really see the Alliance members really being open to working with them, even if we found Alliance-friendly Saurok. Not to mention that Saurok would look much better walking around Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff than hanging out in some place like Ironforge or the Exodar, in my opinion.

Some time ago, I’ve wrote a long post on why I feel like Saurok wouldn’t fit on Alliance and why they fit the Horde better, in my opinion. If anyone is particularly interested in reading more of my thoughts, you can see the post here:

I also typed in the main post of the megathread more info on how I feel that they are a Horde race.

As for Saberon, I don’t see why they couldn’t be on the same faction. A cat race would have different culture and personality than a lizardmen race. Saberon would be different than Saurok in several ways, even if both would be on the ferocious and savage side.

Saurok would be more free to be themselves and get more love in the Horde, as opposed to being a lackey of the Boy-King and Jaina. Just my personal opinion, of course. :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


To be fair, I think this is more of a fantasy writing trap in general, because humans tend to be the default comfort zone when it comes to protagonist POVs. As much as I personally dislike the idea of the alliance faction getting more monster races, I don’t think that would be a fair reason to deny them anything because even their other humanish races often fall by the wayside as well.

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Aight ty, btw the drawing is finished! Didn’t draw the tail though since not really enough room. Soo unless I find another way to get it to you, it aint happening… BUT if ya want I could just get in contact with ya ingame, and then we exchange discord info, and I just send you a picture of it. Because I dont think my trust lvl is high enough yet.

Main reason I’m doubting Blizzard would give Horde the Saurok AND Saberon, is because if they did it’d start a few issues with the player base, namely the alliance who would probably feel cheated mean cmon, alot of their allied races are crap in my opinion. So in order to keep the peace, they’re more than likely to give one of the races mentioned, OR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, to the alliance… Or they’ll keep getting poor allied races. That’s not to say I’m not hoping for both races going to Horde though, because I honestly do agree with you, they belong in the Horde, but it’s still possible to write a way for them to fit both factions. But I honestly think that the alliance need more interesting races, not what we have now… Because uhhh, me no likey. <_<

Well, it isn’t specifically because it’s a monster race that I don’t see Saurok as an Alliance race. In fact, I do support a few monster races for them, such as Sethrak and Arakkoa.

It also does beyond just wanting them on my preferred faction. For Saurok, I look at how they were created as a slave race and the parallels they seem to have with Orcs. I feel as a potential character arc, them joining the Horde, a faction designed with races that struggled against a world that is against them for the most part, is much more fitting than the Alliance, who are together because…convenience at best?

I honestly feel that Saurok story potential would flourish more as a Horde race. What were once a slave race are now free, finding their place in the world, and banding together with others who had similar struggles. I don’t really see any kinship of that sort within the Alliance races, and I don’t see very many benefits of Saurok on the Alliance compared to the Horde in terms of their race as a whole and their potential as a playable race.

If faction identity is important to the game, I honestly feel that the Horde is the better and more fitting place for Saurok both in terms of themes and potential storylines.

All in my personal opinion, of course! :smiley:

You’ll have to upload it to a image hosting website. Then, you can just paste the URL on here with a space and someone like me can get it to show up in a separate post. I think that’d be the easiest way to go about doing it as opposed to sending it to me in a message, which I may not get to since I don’t usually get on services like Discord very often.



Attempting that now, posted it up on Imgur, and so far no luck.

https: //imgur .com/a/yrfjW1Y

Here ya go, should work.

Looks awesome! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Thx man, although it’s a little rushed (and a sketch) still happy I managed to actually make his face look reptillian.

Edit: Also man, feel free to toss it in the original post, I imagine it’d just be marked as just an idea, but would still be cool to see if people can add to it with their own ideas, and give their own imput on it!


One of the updates I plan to make to the original post is to add a fan works section (artwork, writings, etc) from myself and others in this megathread. I’ll be sure to add it on there when I update it. At the moment, I’m still planning what all to add and edit to the main post, see if any sections need revamping, and such. :lizard:

I do have to say that I’m happy to see people come in and show off their support for playable Horde Saurok. Really means a lot to me. Thank you! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Something else I wanted to add to why I don’t particularly like the idea of Saurok on the Alliance refers to their personality and characteristics. I feel like to get them to even fit on the Alliance would change what makes Saurok…well, Saurok.

To illustrate my point, consider the Sethrak and Arakkoa. Either race could fit on either faction, in which not much has to change with them. They could retain their personalities and themes, and you could see what makes them who they are would be roughly the same as how you came across them before in previous expansions.

With something like Saurok, however, I feel that drastic changes would need to be implemented to fit them on the Alliance…a lot of which would likely change them from what you would expect from a Saurok.

Certainly, some things would have to change if they became a Horde race. They’d have to be shown to be more friendly towards other races (which is possible from what we’ve seen) with a bit more intelligence and cunning implemented in their personality. They would still be tribal, albeit not as primitive as you might have typically seen on Pandaria. However, such a personality would seem to mesh better with the other Horde races in my opinion.

For the Alliance, however, I feel like they would get completely changed, and not for the better. They might become more “civilized” in a fashion, whether it’s them becoming more enlightened or other means, I would fear that the ferocious and savage personality would either not be at the level it should be or would be completely neutered on the Alliance.

This isn’t to say that monster races couldn’t work on Alliance, but I refer specifically to Saurok. I personally see them getting along better with the likes of Orcs, Taurens, and Trolls (hunting partners, shamanistic beliefs, more of a kindred feeling) than that of Humans, Dwarves, Draenei, and even Worgen. The latter of which still retain some form of civilized and upper-class personalities despite their affliction.

When I decided to support playable Saurok, I honestly didn’t just go “Well I love Lizardmen and I much prefer the Horde, so put this race on the Horde!” I took my time and looked over what we knew about them, thought long and hard and considered both possibilities. I admit that as someone who much prefers the Horde, there would always be a degree of bias in analyzing this, but even putting it away, I came with the conclusion that Saurok would be a better fit on the Horde.

As I said before, this is all my personal opinion, but when you consider the theme of Saurok, them having been a former slave race, dealing with being a new race as they procreate and evolve, and lean towards a shamanistic lifestyle, as well as the parallels between them and Orcs I’ve mentioned before, I have to go with what I feel is best for them.

As such, I strongly support them as a Horde race if they ever become lucky enough to be considered for playable race status. I feel that they would retain more of what makes them Saurok better on the Horde and just fit much better there. Besides, with the whole theme of races banding together, I see Saurok being better treated and supported by other members of the Horde than they ever would be on the Alliance.

Hopefully, I presented my case for Saurok on the Horde through several posts, including this one. It’s just something I honestly feel strongly about and feel it makes the most sense should we ever see playable Saurok become a reality. I try my best to explain it to where it both makes sense and could be perceived as plausible.

As such, my Saurok will fly Horde banners high. For the Horde! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Got inspired to do another round of Saurok screenshots! This time, I decided to take another Saurok newbie to another low level area: Razor Hill!

After a long journey, a Saurok newbie arrives at Razor Hill. He hears there are plenty of opportunities for quests and rewards here!

But first, the Saurok newbie needs to get some sleep. He’ll feel more refreshed after a quick nap!

After sleeping comfortably for awhile, the Saurok newbie checks out the local quest board. He notes a few quests here, then notices his stomach begins to rumble. He quickly dashes out to look for sustenance!

A butcher! How fortunate as he has food for sale just in time for breakfast!

A full Saurok is a happy Saurok!

As the Saurok newbie enters the building to apply as a sparring partner for a quest, he notices some Horde banners hanging outside. He feels pretty glad his tribe ended up joining the Horde. He also feels good to have something worth fighting for with purpose!

The Saurok newbie challenges the Orc who requested sparring partners on the inn’s bulletin board. This will be a good chance to get some practice in!

It looks like the Saurok newbie has a fan from watching him spar! He flexes to impress her! She gives a quest in return. Hopefully, she isn’t just using him to do some tasks for her.

The Saurok newbie picks up another quest nearby. There are quite a number of things to do around here to earn some shinies!

Before leaving, the Saurok newbie gets some advice from one of the Orcs in the building. They have a great talk as they look outside. A nearby Blood Elf listens in on the conversation too. They likely haven’t seen a Saurok up close before!

The Saurok newbie begins to work on his quests! He has a busy day ahead of him, but he’ll be able to earn a lot of shinies! Maybe he’ll even find a lot of meat to practice some new recipes he recently picked up!

Thats all for now. I’ll continue to think of other places to take Saurok screenshots and share them! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


I AM CALLING BS THAT YOU DON’T RP!!! Jokes aside Why do I get the feeling, that if Saurok DO become an allied race… You’ll consider trying it?

As for the last two posts above, while I do think Saurok do fit the Horde better, kinda feels like the Alliance will never get any savage or honestly really interesting races, that do have a tribal feel. Which personally, is a little disheartening, since when it comes to culture in games, I tend to lean more towards stuff similar to the Orcs and Tauren But Alliance has worgen, and until Horde get Saberon I’m staying over here dangit And dragging some of my friends over with me MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! ANYWAY, really like the way ya organized this stuff, and think it keeps things together and nice and neat. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, this is something I prefer… But I’d love to have an allied race, that was built for PvP. Think it’d be awsome! Sorry if this is all jumbled, mind is all over the place rn. :sweat_smile:


I honestly do not RP at all. I do plan out and write things that I think of, however. I still don’t think I’d do very well RPing for several reasons.

I don’t really see myself RPing on any Saurok characters. At best, I’d make some fun screenshots like I’ve done throughout this megathread and maybe write some backstory for them, along with fiction which I plan to write up for all my characters at some point.

If anything, the closest I’d even get to RPing would be if Ogres become playable, where I talk in broken English. it’s something that’s really fun to do. :smiley:

I don’t think it is impossible, but there was an emphasis on faction identity. It seems like Alliance focuses on what could be perceived as “civilized” races that have their own problems, but aren’t really rejected by the world and struggling to find their place. The Horde is the complete opposite of that in general.

Granted, Blood Elves and Nightborne kinda muddied that image a bit. It did work out story-wise at the very least, even if a lot of reasoning for Blood Elves on the Horde were for gameplay reasons. I wouldn’t know what the design philosophy would be nowadays for adding new Alliance races, granted they could use some more variety.

…I will, however, defend Horde Saurok whole heartedly. Saurok for the Horde, please! :meat_on_bone::crocodile:


Crazy amount of work you put into all this. Unfortunately Blizz has said no new cosmetics and I assume that means no new races either. Would really start to breath new life into the game if they were empowering people to build things like this into the game. Hope you can put your talents to use professionally some day.


Their stance on taking back the promise of more customization options for Shadowlands is worrying, not to mention frustrating given how many people were not happy about hearing that particular announcement. We’ll have to see how they handle future expansions, with hope that they realize that we love our characters and that things like new customization options and races really breathe some life into the game. Enough to be something that should be a continuous and evolving feature of the game.

I wouldn’t really expect new races during Shadowlands, but there are likely going to be several more expansions for WoW. I don’t see why we wouldn’t be able to see any new races in the future as features for these expansions, especially since they bring some marketing up and serve as a cash cow in terms of level boosts and race changes. Not to mention all the room on the new character creation screen for new races!

As for professional talents, I don’t know if I’d ever get an opportunity to do something like that. I’m pretty much just someone who has a lot of passion for Lizardmen races (Ogres too!) in fantasy settings and I’m far from perfect in my writings. It would be cool to be able to utilize some world building talents however, and it would make for a fun job if creativity is allowed. :smiley:

But in the meantime, as long as I continue to play WoW, I’ll keep supporting playable Ogres and Saurok on the Horde as best as I can! :meat_on_bone::crocodile: :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


Found a cool opportunity to take a screenshot in Orgrimmar:

A Saurok climbs to the top of Grommash Hold, admiring the dragon head in the distance. It serves as a trophy for his tribe that took down the dragon, and serves as a reminder to what happens to those who dare take on the Saurok…and the Horde!

Gotta admit, I think my favorite scale color of Saurok so far is the blue-green color. I hope it becomes a customization option if we get luckily enough to get playable Saurok. :meat_on_bone::crocodile: