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Don’t be salty you were wrong about the sub and posting lame middle age dad memes.

You don’t have any other choice. Play on a server of 50 people or nothing at all and play another game? It is blizzards fault.

Ohhh, like you’re unable to post links :crazy_face:
Yes, it’s a link of a lame middle age dad meme, with the point of showing you how to link :rofl: and you’re (so far) ignorant on how to handle such a simple task.

Play Blizzard’s game or don’t. Find another game. Don’t support theft.
Or just be lazy and entitled lying with thieves.

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Insert meme of “your boot sir”.

I didn’t know there were still people that defended blizzard. Awful company, awful people working there and still to their fault, awful decisions that lead to people going to these private servers.

At this point, you’ve shown you’re a liar, ok with theft on Blizzard’s own platform, and not competent at all in how forums work.

And yet you still support them :rofl:

ok after doing some digging I see what is happening. It only allows certain websites.
imgur is not an approved website. I can post and it works.

Did I say you were lying about being unable to post links? No, that just comes down to your complete ignorance of how to link with the tools provided at any trust level.

Now, this could be down to ignorance (again, there’s a trend) but there’s currently more than 50 on Whitemane cluster on horde alone. Are you simply unaware of the facts, unable to understand how the /who function works, or just full of it and vomiting stupid numbers for the sake of it?

And my dad meme was an approved source? :crazy_face:

Last time I went there on whitemane and /who it showed 48 people. I checked now and there is more since there are raids going on.

Also it doesn’t matter if it is 5x that number. It is still a small amount of people.

PS I tried posting that link in my post. IT still did not work and would not let me post it.

Yet allowed me to post from the very same source with a low trust score?

But you’ve said:

Which makes you a liar.

Again, you still support Blizzard with this opinion.

sorry. I was wrong about a few times a week that is only because of raiding time…

Well, the fact is; people still raid Naxx in Classic Era.
You specifically stated:

Meaning you’re pulling figures out of thin air, and stating as a fact. 40-50 players at all times is complete horse sh because you’re lying, and you’re only now “sorry” because you’ve been called out on it!

On a Monday night (in the US (PDT))…

Of course they still do. just a microscopic amount of people.

Next time do I need to get the exact perfect average numbers per day and hour for you? Even per minute.

No, you need to stop fabricating numbers to suit your own agenda.

You specifically stated:

Which is you lying.

Does not indicate your at all times.
And I’m willing to bet (like your attempt at linking in the forums), that you’re incapable of doing /who correctly.

As for Classic players clearing Nax:

Still, an active community of raiders, pvp’ers, and of those who are leveling.

I’m pretty sure you are fabricating something to suit your agenda if you just said “active community” when there is barely anyone on the server.

The fact that even one day you can see players under 50 means it is dead.
Or the fact that the server says “low” or that I just right now counted 10 people in townsquare in stormwind or the long queues for pvp. Is it even possible to get into a alterac game?

Ok how much you want to bet? Same with the linking thing as well that you keep bringing up.

Again, you asked (in a now-deleted post) where you had lied.

You fabricating numbers where it’s objectively false. You then only apologized (see above) when someone calls you out with your BS.

I’m not the one fabricating numbers.
You can check right now on Horde Whitemane where there are players actively raiding and in PvP. You stating there are 40-50 players at all times, is objectively incorrect! Why would anyone consider your “facts” with this amount of BS and hypocracy?

And you’re still unable to figure out how to post a simple link.

Yup. I made the whole picture thing up.
You can see. How much you wanted to bet again?

Trust Level 3 users can

  • Create Wiki Posts (more on that below)
  • Post animated gifs, images, compatible video embeds, and links to any website

I think that is enough winning for today. Seeya.

My profile says “member” and the last post says it is level 2.

Hilarious to assume I’m over Trust Level 3.

To post links, anyone can use the Preformed Text function in the chat box.

But yes, I’ve won enough for today, despite having to converse with someone who’s an apologetic liar, hypocrite, and all-around ignoramus :roll_eyes:

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out :rofl:

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When can we transfer from SoM to WOTLK its dead of oceanic people id like to transfer my characters to tbc/woltk asap theres no hope for me finding a group for naxxs its super dead for oceanic

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Jom gabar is a dead desert as well.

We really need to transfer asap