Post Your New 10.0.5 Main!

idk, i had beta once but let my sub lapse. Now I’m back to being “regular” but can swap and post images and everything else.

You’ve scammed the system somehow.

I’d swap to a character I actually play if I didn’t lose the god awful amount of time of buried posting and lurking this dumpster of a place.


But poor Banjofrog is just a

basic user

ya strange. I’m a regular on this guy.

Oh word? Guess I better hop back to one of my other chars then

Is there an easy way to see which char has the highest trust rating?

all he does is respond with hot takes, lose the argument and fall back to ol reliable “im a wpvper and im higher rated than you” or he points to his crappy transmog and says “I dOnT tAkE tHiS gAmE sErIoUsLy” while posting on the forums near constant

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zugzug inc

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You sound upset about something.

Find work that allows you free time.

Probably your lack of bans and being a nice guy.

Meanwhile I’m a degenerate nyc area jerk who makes dirty jokes and names ky characters things like:

Worked a lot better when he was a big white panda.


That’s an impressive name. Should swap him back to panda or make it a vulpera.

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arguing on the forums is unbecoming

one should always strive to make personal attacks that comply with the terms and conditions while ignoring any counterpoints that the opposition offers


cold blooded

I think it’s beautiful, a beautiful thumb

fine sir it has never left

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You would love this priest then

My monk “Ilovefisting” sadly got reported and a forced name change :frowning:

It was also my most played char in SL so it had a lot of exposure to being reported


Back during MoP before arena teams were removed I use to make as much fisting names as I could, fun times.

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I have a lovely Gnome Monk name saved on a level 10 that I sadly cannot share for risk of ruining my newfound understanding of how trust levels work lol

Nuggiez is going to be a forum angel :angel:

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Don’t post this truth on r/worldofpvp unless you want -50 karma speed run :joy:

I understand, I don’t want to olay my horde priest for the same reasons. I use to jump around org and say “is my penance extra thicc?”

That’s why I have this one

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Fortunately Reddit karma means even less than WoW forums likes