WW monks in pvp

So, I just dinged 120 on my WW monk yesterday, originally I had made this toon to PVE with. I’m coming from a DH main that i PVE and PVP with but I’m just bored of my DH. I wanted a class that was similar but more complex which I think I’ve found with my monk. My question is are WW monks good for PVP? I don’t see many of them in bgs so that makes me nervous. I mainly would be doing random bgs as I don’t push rating in arenas or RBGS really. As I gear I’m finding that doing bgs are starting to appeal to me more and more but want to make sure they are a class that is good for PVP otherwise I’ll just stick with doing mythic + on him lol.

As a spec we are viable in PvP to varying degrees. If you’re just doing BGs, you’ll have a blast.

C&S Major is more or less required, but it’s really good. You’ll probably have to play a bit more defensively on WW than DH.

Beyond that, I don’t have much else to say unless you have specific questions.

Monk are the worst dps spec in BGs. They always have been.

Even in the current patch where WW is currently the single best melee in Arenas they are still undesirable in BGs

Notably, MW is incredible in BGs and tends to play with aggressive all-in comps in arena like Turbo

windwalker monk is really good in both 2s/3s and casual bgs for just having fun. no one is gonna take a windwalker for rated bgs but do people even still play rbgs?

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As someone who has almost 70k kills on a warrior, about 30k on a shaman, and some experience on a DK, I disagree wholeheartedly.

When Arms spec, it feels like I’m doing strong, timed, precision strikes. Check.

When Enhance spec, it feels like a busy, blast your face with stormstrikex9000 spec. Check.

When DK, I feel the rot around me. Check.

When WW? I do honestly have the most fun. You can jump while using RSK if you know it’ll kill the opponent to add a little salt to the peppering your FoF gave em.

Got a heal debuff, if you plan it correctly it’s very difficult to actually pin a WW down, almost unrivaled mobility and really, really good damage.

Edit: I dont understand the threading of this forum

The OP did not ask which spec is the most fun. WW is not a strong BG dps spec. The OP asked if WW is a decent BG spec. It isnt, relatively compared to other dps specs.

I am simply answering the OPs question. You are answering a different question.

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I’m flat out disagreeing with you based on playing 5 melee classes. That’s all.

Tbh its pretty decent , similar while very different than a rogue , they both rely on cooldowns .

I’m guessing you dont see many because most roll monk to brew or mist , especially when you have other melee choices with more leech/self heal , like a warrior or a DH .

I recently switched to windwalker but originally rolled this one for brewmaster , the spec is really fun to play after being tied down to roll the bones(main a rogue)

If you are about 450+ ilvl, then you will have a blast in bgs.
When I just want to zone our I will put something on the second screen and do bgs as ww.

Been doing it all xpac, here is one we lost and I was still the top dmg and kbs, it takes a lot more for WW success in bgs, but absolutely my favorite thing.

And both of these pictures are in bfa. First one is this season, second was last, both were me doing objectives.

How do you put screen shots in forum posts? Cuz i also have some memorable score cards from bgs.

It’s about permissions. My trust lvl is 3 so I can post straight.
If you don’t have that, try doing it like this just uses the </> in the forum chat window after highlighting the web domain, I use imgur.


Also trust lvl 3 baby

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I really don’t have any issue topping damage or being a beast in random BGs, but really you can do this on any spec with gear and knowledge.

WW is fun because you can generally escape when things go south and teleporting on maps with multi levels is great.

Ring is super awesome too for denying entrance to places or trapping people, knocking them off edges.

It probably takes more work than some other specs but I find WW enjoyable, but if random BGs are your concern really any dps can be a monster in there unless the 1% chance you’re facing a group that is all geared and knows how to play.

Weird, maybe you dont have the trust lvl try this to figure out where you are at.

what are you talking about man? WW hasn’t always been the worst dps spec in BGs. unless you’re just talking about this expansion alone. then i have no comment as i haven’t played a 120 monk.

but if u mean worst EVER, then hell nah, i dominated in previous expansions on my monk. also had monks light my a up too.

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So… i did the things and the stuff and apparently I’m trust level 0, 1, and 2.

So what did we settle on? Bottom line WW monk is fun and is the Nate Diaz of DPS specs?

most people are really not making substantive arguments, so lets me try . In bgs here is my take on ww

pro - Tons of mobility

  • can kill most classes if your cooldowns are up
  • are great at disruptiving the other team and killing flag carriers


  • Super squishy when cds are down
  • ends up having hit and run play style
  • not very helpful in epic bgs

For me ww monk plays a bit like feral, you do your damage, then try to gtfo before you get destroyed. Its fun at first, but honestly eventually I end up missing my enhance or warlock which are both tankier outside of cds

WW is probably the strongest melee next to war atm in 3s

Well thats just a lie. I havent played monk really since legion but in MoP and WoD I could be top damage and healing for a BG as WW(even when there was a healer in the game). I felt like a god in those expansions.