How many posts have you "read" so far?

How do you know what level someone is?

i think they should redo what constitues as “Read” in reading posts. for it to count all you gotta do is literally down the down arrow on a key board. it takes literally 2 seconds for it to register. I think they should make it 3-5 seconds to actually register the post as “Read” literally anyone can get 20k in less than 10 hours of continious scrolling/keyboard down button.

you click on their image, view activity, then you put in .json at the end of the address that shows up when you searched it.

At this point, it’s kind of pointless. We’re still waiting on people to hit level 2.

nothing is pointless dear crepe. besides, questions must be answered.

Better to spread the word so that it is common information when the question does arise later on.

posts read

oh gosh :rofl:

umm says I’m trust level 0… wtf lol. How do you even get level 1?

you looked at the wrong one. there are multiple ones that show up. your trust level is at 1 so far.

You look for the highest number.

omg there’s too much to look at. They should just put it in our activity or something

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Overachiever! :smiley:

I’m curious about this one. Some people are just report happy just because of who you are. Do they count all reports, or only justified ones?

Justified ones confirmed by a moderator.

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ok thanks!

1.4k over the past couple days. It’ll take me a couple weeks to hit 20k. Not a big deal.

3.2k, should be a decent rate considering I have to spend 15 days here for the next level anyway.

5 days visited
18h read time
468 topics viewed
7.4k posts read
66 :heart: given
1 bookmark
2 topics created
194 posts created
158 :heart:received

Lets see, numbers?