For the NO changes crowd

ANd as for thoughts on it for classic…

Meh. . I don’t care. I’m actually always impressed by good multi-boxers skills.

This was TBC or Wrath, but we had a 10 man? Shaman mboxer that would do very bad things to us in the AV bunkers. I ALWAYS defend bunkers. . But when someone said whats his name is coming it was like. oh crap. .

Bend over and kiss your …goodbye

All you saw was chain lightning for days!! LIke sky rockets in the night!!


Really? Because I’ve been trying to find a single bg multiboxing video for bfa and can’t find a single one. All I’ve found is “Multiboxing pvp is dead” threads.

It’s a forum trust level thing. I’m at level 3, I can post links and images form outside sites. Something new with the new forums software Blizzard is using. I checked your status, you are at level 2 right now.

Shaman boxers was always fun to watch. Lightening EVERYWHERE and TOTEMS, TOTEMS, TOTEMS.

What does level 2 give me and how do I increase my level?

This will give you an overview. Oh, at level 3, we get access to a General Lounge forum too.

Thanks bro. So basically: I have to be a forums slave within 100 days.

Seems simple enough when you look at it, at face vaule thanks.

Pretty much. And you can lose level 3 status with inactivity too

Still not the way it was in Vanilla.

Also had a 5 man Dra Shaman team that would come into SW. His software was so sophisticated he could position his team into a pattern and cast chain heal. When it cast it made a star pattern.

Pretty cool stuff.

I try to dual box and I keep losing my follow. lol

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I know, RCR was not in vanilla too, but from all indications it’s gonna be used. A lot of the modern UI Battle net feature are gonna be used and they wasn’t in vanilla either. Classic =/= Vanilla.


Watch some of the Prepared videos, he did some crazy stuff with 80+ characters

It’s actually quite simple, you just bind different movement directions to the same key on all the characters. One button press and they spread out then you manually place the fifth. A macro to target the specific targets to make it a star pattern.

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I don’t see why /follow couldn’t be implemented in BGs, but they already got around it using Click-To-Move, and its much easier to mess up multiboxers with a fear bomb when they’re using Click-To-Move.

Either way, I’m indifferent to the change, because I think Blizzard considers the /follow removal to be an exploit patch.

  # changes.

Simple solution to multiboxers in bg would probably be leave all at once let it collapse the bg do to not enough players or strategize to camp them in the flag room where there isn’t a lot of line of site for them.

Maybe abuse the report system on him??

Even though multiboxing can give extreme pvp advantage in game do to spam instant abilities like moonfire, seeing how blizzard has allowed it not much we can do unless what he is doing is breaking other terms of service.

So let them be in bgs if people decide to globally blacklist or abuse report them he may be forced to quit seeing how cross realm bgs will probably be out there over server only.

Follow was eliminated so that bots cant easily populated the BG’s.

That didn’t take long.

I don’t think encouraging rule breaking like that is very wise, bud.

I wish for a ban on ALL multiboxing, not just PVP. And I’d like for technology to be implemented to detect it and prevent it. If multiboxing is allowed in this game which some people play competitively, it is an UNFAIR advantage for those of us who don’t want to have to play the game in a way it was not designed to play in just to be able to compete with those who do.