Cannot reply to others posts

SO I have no idea why I cannot reply to anyone on the forums… I heard something about a “trust level” a while ago but I have searched and cannot find my current “trust level” anywhere and even if I could how then, would I raise said trust level?
More than likely no one will see this but if by some chance someone does I would really appreciate any guidance on this topic.
Thank you

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That,s generally a sign of an expired subscription.
If there is no paid time on the account, you can only post in support forums. You need to have paid time to post in discussion forums.

If you recently added paid time, the forum may have not caught up with the game. Logging out and then back in to the forum a couple of times will force an update of your account status to be sent to the forum.


Correct! Forum participation is a privilege included with your active subscription. Since your accounts are currently inactivate you will not be able to participate in discussions.

If you add time to your game account and are still unable to post, then please allow 24hrs for the payment to process then try logging fully out of the forums and logging back in to update your profile.


Thank you so much! I am sure this is my issue! I don’t agree with this practice since I have paid for literal decades of game time and am just in a lul between xpacs… But that’s not what I asked and not what you were answering. I appreciate your help very much friend!

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The trust level is not visible to players. Blizzard employees can see it, and I have seen Blue responses in here advising players what they need to do to raise their trust level.

Here is a blog from Discourse (which is what these forums use) about their trust level system. Note that Blizzard chooses to only use up to level 3, and the requirements are customized for Blizzard, but the essence is there.

That’s understandable. Blizzard’s stance has always been that having discussions about the current state of the game should be restricted to current subscribers, to avoid any trolling/harassment issues (as unsubbed players would really not be able to be punished, except a forum ban. Even then, creating a new account is free.)

Customer Support and tech Support are open to anyone, in case there are issues with subscribing or connecting to the game. If you have Beta access but no live subscription, then you will have access to the Beta forums.


Oops, let me clarify. It is not easily visible. There is some guidance on how to find it yourself.

If you are still interested…


You shouldn’t have to use the json method anymore, it shows up on your profile now, like this:

Member is trust 2 and regular is trust 3. Dunno what trust 1 is, though. And you can only see your own character while logged in with that character.


Just to clarify a bit, clicking on your avatar will display a small box with two buttons. One labeled Activity and the other labeled Profile.

Your trust level will be part of the info displayed by the Activity button - not the Profile button.


Ah, thank you! My information is outdated. :slight_smile: