Forum Trust system (OT - ignore if you want)

People had questions earlier about how it worked and what not and if you could get back to Rank 3 after losing rank 3. just found out that you in fact can.


what I’ve always wanted to know is why people think the forum trust system is important when it’s not even visible to the onlooker.

eh i think it has its ups and downs.

I still have no idea how it is, am i Rank 3 since i can link gifs links etc? Or wut. Also how and why?

go to the forums main page. do you see lounge? if so you’re rank 3. how do i link a gif and get the image to actually show up?

How do you check your trust level, and improve it? I’m confused.

Wait, wtf? I’m rank 3? HOW also thanks for that i had no idea guess i’m in the cool kids club?

Also @ Dimed

Though honestly i’m 99.9% sure i haven’t done some of this.

shrug. how do i post gifs and get teh actual picture to show up?

I have no idea, i could just do it one day with copy and pasting the URL

It does show up on the right hand side though as the gif itself, instead of say a link.

Well, that’s good to hear.

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It should be noted that the first 5 points of that must be met within the past 100 days. So even when you get to trust level 3, you still have to maintain the requirements.