Something needs to be done about this

I attempted to link a page showing the populus of classic TBC servers, but alas, this isn’t allowed on here.

On my server (Herod), I see maybe one alliance player for every hundred horde I see.
Things like Halaa are absolutely impossible to get rewards from. Alliance have literally zero chance of ever getting a spirit shard from auchindoun dungeons. This isn’t exclusive to my server.

This is a problem, and regardless of what it was caused by, it needs intervention by the dev team.

And no, milking sales from paid server transfers is not an acceptable answer, and if you’re here to argue otherwise, you are contributing to the prolongation of this problem being fixed.

I’m sure everyone, player, blizzard or otherwise, is tired of hearing about this, but we’re tired of dealing with it.

Yall should of seen this coming a mile away and had solutions in place, but its not too late to fix it.

I remain hopeful, but as per how most problems are/were solved in classic, I’m not keeping my fingers crossed.


You post this on a Horde ( Tauren ) level 70 character. -1 credibility.

There’s nothing stopping anyone from doing any PvE dungeons.

Factions don’t matter !! No matter what’s done on either side, the story doesn’t change. The game functions fine if there are substantially more of one faction than another.

Lastly, this is WARcraft. In war there’s a winner and a loser. This is just a fact. The developers have created a story line narrative that portrays near equal forces. The actual player base favors the Horde. The only downside to faction imbalance is perceptual.

I’m almost in the same boat as you. I’m on a server where every single raiding alliance guild has transferred off and I would too (I dont even care about the transfer fee), but I am on server transfer cooldown for another 2 months. Blizzard can you please make exceptions to the transfer CD if nothing is going to be done about these dying servers?

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You can use the < /> symbol on the bar above where you’re typing to provide links, which will look like this.

Or, you could earn trust level 3 (which is why I post on this toon.)

So, if this isn’t an option (which it really is), then what do you suggest? You can’t make people play on a faction they don’t want to play on.

Please see above.

Anyway, Herod was clearly a Horde server when Classic dropped. Did you really think it was going to magically change to be balanced?


most players just followed there favorite streamer, now most have quit and left all there fanboys all alone.


All PvP servers become PvE servers eventually. It just might not be for your faction

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Irony alert.

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good luck if you find intervention from the dev’s retail is still waiting for a balance faction for years now…

It turns out people didn’t want to be bothered with things like world pvp.

The new meta is transferring to a pve realm, or transferring en masse to a PvP realm to make it a pve realm.

Pvp realms took a whole lot longer to death spiral when they were part of retail than they did this time.

Litterally give out free horde to alliance xfers

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Sorry, they’re currently on a cubicle crawl.

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