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Hello so I am a mage and just hit 70 in TBC recently. Now I am decently new to wow let alone the mage class. I keep trying to find what specs are best for pve (mostly dungeons), pvp, and raiding. I dont see much information online about it unless im just missing it but I have been looking a lot. Also on my server people people keep telling me frost or fire and I just dont really know what is best honestly. I have been running frost aoe for dungeons and have been doing fine. Thanks in advance!


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Here’s an overview. I’ll provide more as I find it.

I’ve been enjoying fire more than the other two specs, but arcane is pretty nuts. It just eats up you mana in a hurry.

Ye i can’t post it for some reason. Not sure how it works.

Trust level 3.

It’s something they implemented awhile back for the new forums. The link should provide you a lot more information.

It’s why I post on this retail toon instead of my classic one. Trust level doesn’t carry over to alts.

Ah ty, not worth. My lvl 11 gets too much hate to make it worth the switch.

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Completely understood. I get referred to as a “tourist.” Never mind I only have one level 60 in retail and this guy at 59 as retail lost me about two weeks into shadowlands.

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