Can No Longer Post Videos After Forum Update

Yeah I did remember that. The other is the Wowwikki iirc.

I was just checking since this account has the b-145 license to see if I got my other toons past the new user status if I could bypass the tl3 like some can with the beta tag. :dracthyr_heart:


You’re TL2, TL3 is Regular.


I have to click and go to youtube… can’t see the video here.

This change sucks so much, wth

Any way i can see what the requirements i need from where i am now for TL3?

hey i have an idea everyone who is on the goodlist should have their battle tag for everyone to see since they are good people and no reason for them to be hated.

This explains everything including how to level up.


I thought media was always tier 3?

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This one usually works for me…

It’s so weird because I can’t add anything to the above reply. Seems like something changed?

i hope this isn’t a rick roll…

On topic: at least yesterday i could see vids posted but clicking em opened the youtube ones up in a new window on youtube directly.

They need to stop messin around n stop fixing what ain’t broke

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Seeing if i can post a vampire song.

It was before except for YouTube.

My guess is that Blizzard is trying to fix things the Discourse update broke.

Speaking of forum updates, I straight up dislike it. I cannot tell who is replying to my stuff because of how it’s presented. I like the old one better.

It says “someone liked your post” and it’s a post from like 6 months ago, but someone replied to my most recent post and that one is buried. I want to see current stuff.

Oh, sure. I do this a lot already. And I updated mine recently, so here it is:


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I’m guessing the trust level thing got botched and only level 3 people can post videos atm. They’ll either fix it or leave it as is, which would be a shame.

A lot of lounge threads and music threads are a great way to engage with the community at large, even if it’s just a goofy cat video.




Let’s see if this works.
Bing Videos

Well ,that’s different .

… mushroom mushroom