Why I might quit WoW pvp

I felt compelled to keep getting my weekly cap just for the loot… but it felt more and more like a chore with no benefit, since I had stopped doing anything in game all together. If you don’t have fun doing it, don’t do it… Which is why I’ve just been playing other games and haven’t been logging into WoW.

As for gladiator… I’m kind of in the same boat, been 2400 before, so I should feel more motivated than ever before to push… but instead I have zero desire to push because now it’s meaningless… and what good is riding a glad mount if I don’t even log in?

It’s quite sad just how much they’ve destroyed the game cycle for PvP, they’ve literally removed all the motivation to do anything.


Exactly. Even Blizzard has let players know that your ratings are watered down this xpac and dont mean anything due to the terrible “elite” enchant, the terrible “gladiter” mount, terrible “elite” sets that aren’t even class specific. PVP this expansion just feels like special olympics. Everyone gets a reward regardless of how good you actually are. congratz on your welfare enchant. congratz on your welfare mount. congratz on your welfare gladiter title. sad…


of course every dozer post needs a humble"brag"


You do realize PvE takes way more time and effort, right? You can do arenas 1 or two nights a week and still have fun. Just stop caring so much about pushing and play with whoever. PvE requires so much more time and effort if you’re trying to get into raiding.

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Game hasn’t been fun in years. Surprised it just is feeling like a chore now. Been that way forever. Gearing has never been worse too.


I suspect the gear being class specific is due to budget cuts… likely the reason why they look so garbage as well.


Tldr entire thing can be summarized to [quote=“Pws, post:5, topic:36522, full:true”]

of course every dozer post needs a humble"brag"

If he doesn’t make a humble brag post every so often he isn’t living


You’re just now feeling this way?!?

Dozerrrrrr no

TL;DR Dozer tanked 100 pts and is quitting because warriors ‘suck’

Rly tho. I read the post. Uh. I don’t think pve is less time and effort. If anything it’s going to be more boring / of a chore dude. Stick to pvp, maybe have fun if you can. GL on glad push

I unsubbed. You should too.

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sOUNDS like a **git gud ** situation to me:eyes:


Did you format like that on purpose or is someone lacking the required level of

t r u s t

on these here forums?


If there was another game that provided the mmo arena experience I am addicted to, I would gladly quit wow. I have been searching and waiting for years to no avail.

Someone please just rip wow off and make it so you log in and que arena and nothing else. And balance changes 4 times or more a year instead of 1 or 2 times a year.

I could go on but you all get what I’m drivkng at.

F you blizzard

I’m really jealous of you I wanna post funnies

How do you even see your own trust level?

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Moderators are out in full force today I see. Well I just wanted to say how much I love Blizzard and agree with every decision they make. They really know what’s best for us. Have a Blizzard-rific day everyone!

ya they just just pull the trigger on me already DO IT BLIZZARD DO IT #####s

But i figured it out, see this thread Finding out your trust level

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I think I’m trust level 3 now then

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