Increase to the likes limit? Maybe?

Maybe there should be more likes for each trust level. I feel like there’s not nearly enough at the moment.

Also, tying them to characters individually is… a little odd. I guess I can just hop to another character on my roster and like someone’s post, but it doesn’t feel the same.


You get more likes at Trust Level 2. The limit is a little weird though.

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Yeah, I’m aware. I run out on that character as well. :cry:

It just never seems like enough.

How do you get to level 2?

Jesus Christ, did i
I just ask how to level up a forum posting ability?

Anyway limiting likes is dumb.

I’ve never hit the like limit and I’m pretty generous, what is it?

I believe it’s 50 at level 1, 75 at 2, and 100 at trust level 3.

Just a note: The wiki stuff is level 2 and not level 3.

I must be level 2 by now. I read way more on here than any sane person should.

Thanks for the info.

We know for sure that it’s 50 at level 1 and 100 at level 3. The level 2 I don’t believe has been tested as what has been posted suggests it’s can be 100 as well.

Just need someone to confirm the actual number since what has been posted doesn’t line up with what we’ve seen.

If you really want to check and see:

Thank you kind elf.

I never knew there was a limit on likes. Why do they do this?