Trust levels are absolutely ridiculous

Put a ` before and after your link.

I posted a pic with a naughty word in it in reply to a dude asking why white supremacy was bad.

I was silenced and lost my trust level. He wasnt silenced.

Seems fair.

That is not correct. You can re-earn your TL3.

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Trust levels are just the endgame of wow right now. Probably one of the easiest grind (look how to get it if you’re really interested). Its just so people that don’t use the forums a lot can’t post bad images/bad links. It also creates some rarity, if everyone was posting gifs it would get boring pretty quick.

And you don’t lose anything by not having trust level 3, you can still format links. And to be honest less links is also better, I’m not reading forums to see some streamer/influencer video or reddit post, I read them for players thoughs/criticisms/feedback that want to be read on the wow forums, not some divas that can’t lower themselves to use the wow forums.

On that note wowhead links can be used without trust levels, so there’s that.

I havent even found out how to see what your trust level is

Have you had any forum vacations or the like? Cause if so, then it’s likely why you’re not trust level 3.

I’ve been trust level 3 for about 2-3 weeks now and I’m a fairly active forum goer too.

Use this link to find out where you stand on the trust level spectrum.

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Go to your character profile and add .json to the end of the url. It’ll show every trust level you have so look for the highest level you have. For example, this is your profile:
If you add .json you get this:

Your trust level is one since that’s the highest that you have. It shows trust level zero too but if you scroll down you’ll get to data for trust level one. If you reach level two, it’ll be below that and three would be below two.

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Its not that doubt you, but are you speaking from experience or is there a post mentioning this somewhere?

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, we could post links on the forums to anything. Then the spam links and phishing sites happened. Gold sellers would spam their websites to advertise as well as to sites that contained keyloggers and viruses in attempt to access and steal your gold and gear to sell. And thus, the infamous “sex leg” became to known that you occasionally hear once in a blue moon.

As a result, Blizzard forbid all linking to outside websites. However, with the new forums, posters can earn the ability to link to websites as any problematic elements could easily and quickly be shut down via revoking their trust level. Also, the spamming accounts were typically stolen accounts or accounts created with stolen credit cards.

Like that old saying goes, when people cannot handle themselves and take advantage of trust given, ruins it for everybody else. And thus, this is why we can’t have nice things.

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In light of your explanation the logic behind trust levels makes perfect sense.

Thank you.

you can also do this:

which is that top “tilde” thing(on each side of what you are linking (invisible to the eye, afterwards)), or whatever, on your keboard (the top left key, by the “1”.) People can then copy the link and go there, if you can’t

And here I thought they couldn’t get any worse I hate being wrong can’t wait for them to lock forums behind a phone next.

That has nothing to do with anything.

As far as I know, they want a system in place eventually, but if you lost TL3 due to being forum suspended you can not currently re-earn it.

i kno rite i shuold b well above thrust lvl 3 by now btu i keep gettin baned 4 laterally no raeson n ppl r sayin thta means i cant haev teh turst lvl i ritefully desereve bs


A green posted this in the TL3 Lounge. The last two bullet points seem the most relevant to what you’re pondering.


See my above post. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I appreciate the post. Interesting they didn’t share that with the gen pop.

So it is possible to get to trust level 3 if you’ve been suspended these days? Basically it is just that your stats get reset if you get in trouble?

Not a problem. And yeah, it seems like pretty pertinent information.

Well…, relatively speaking. :slightly_smiling_face:

That is my understanding. Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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