Unofficial Sethrak Discussion Thread 🐍

Those are so cute! Are they decently docile? Easy to handle?


Docile? Yes. They’re just dramatic.
Here is a video of a baby and an adult being very dramatic. Hisses, spreads it’s hood and well, you’ll see

Easy to handle but also easy to stress out. They’re not a beginner snake. But I love them so much. I try not to avoid handling them as much as I can. Especially since they’re only a month ond.


HUZZAH Looks like I got my TL3 back!

Edit: False alarm. :expressionless:

I can’t post the pictures for some reason but I can the videos? WTH.


I’ll post the pictures for you:

Let’s get some reptiles on that character creation screen! :snake: :crocodile: :turtle:


Hognose would make great customization option for Sethrak. I love the turned up snoot.

Look at the


h ttps://

h ttps://

h ttps://

Zuro, you gonna regret showing me how to make text giant.


I checked for you and it appears you have Trust Level 2, which explains why you can post videos but not images. You’ll have to keep at it to get Trust Level 3 back.

If you want to find out your Trust Level, you can do it one of two ways:

The first is just clicking your name in a post and going to “View Activity,” then looking at the Trust Level in the bar right above the tabs (SUMMARY, ACTIVITY, NOTIFICATIONS, PREFERENCES). Trust Level 3 is “Regular”, I think.

The second way is explained in this post:

I’d say to keep logging into the forums each day, view unread posts, and keep posting. You’ll get back there someday!

Now for more snake pictures from the previous post!

Let’s get some reptiles on that character creation screen! :snake: :crocodile: :turtle:


Thank ya! And yeah that is what I was suspecting. I’m working on the reading part. I think that is I where I am currently falling short.

And as always, playable Sethrak please!


Omg I love hoggies they’re so derp. Another snake that would be an awesome customization would be the blunthead tree snake. I’d share a link to them but I’m not trusted enough yet :roll_eyes:
I just think they’re so awkward and I love it


Blunthead tree snakes look so STUPID. It’s amazing.

I don’t know if I could take a Sethrak seriously with a blunt head tree snake face though. xD I mean

Look at this thing (Still trying to get my TL3 back)

h ttps://



Who of you would be interested in doing an in game event for playable Sethrak?

I’m considering “hosting” a rally. We could do it on Horde or Alliance.

What say y’all?

Server preference? Area preference?

Days that work best for everyone? I was considering doing it on my birthday. That’s 10/18 and that would be a Sunday.

If enough of you show interest I’ll make a separate post for it.


That’s why I love it :laughing: it doesn’t have to have a different neck or anything just the option for big eyes. I know it’s a pipe dream but so is actual playable Sethrak


I’d definitely be down! I’d recommend making a new thread for it, as well as letting all the discord/reddit/other places know. Let’s get some hype :slight_smile:


I don’t use reddit. Do you? I can throw stuff up on Twitter, here and some to some of the WoW pages on FB. As well as the discord.

Also need some ideas for location and time.


Yeah, for sure.

Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Anything that’s not an RP server, if it’s an RP server then I won’t get transferred over when invited if we do it in any capital city. If we’re not doing it in a capital, then any server is fine.

I would join either but I’d be more down for Horde, since that’s my preference. I’m also not sure how many sethrak rallies have been done on Horde in comparison to Alliance, knowing that would probably sway my preference for the rally one way or the other, unless there’s been equal amounts on both factions.

Preferably on the weekend, I’m caught up with school weekdays, though if it’s in the evening I’d still go on a weekday.

That’s fine with me.


Let’s do it Horde then. I’m fine with Horde. Seeing that Sethrak have a more natural story to go Horde it would probably be a better location. Ogrimmar sounds fine.

Maybe at the gates or the embassy?

What server do you suggest? ALL my Horde toons are on Wyrmrest Accord. xDD And that is a RP server.


Embassy sounds best to me.

Oh dear, uhm

I can make a character on WRA, that’s no issue, though being here on Zuro here would be my immediate preference.

Anything will work for me tbh.


I can make a Horde toon on another server. No biggie. How active is your server?


Hold on, sorry

I think they changed the rule that you can’t get transferred over to an RP server in a capital if you aren’t on an RP server, I remember getting pulled over to WRA from Darrowmere last March while leveling my priest, I was in Org.

If I could get transferred over, then yeah, WRA I’d say is our best bet. If not, I wouldn’t do it on Darrowmere. Darrowmere/Windrunner just got connected with two other servers, but we’re still not crazy active, especially Horde side.

Also, interest on a non RP server would be significantly less, let’s do WRA if we roll on Horde, I’m more than fine making an alt if need be, though hopefully I won’t even need to.


Yeah I think you’re right. I think Horde on WRA would be best.

I’ll roll a rogue so I can steal a Sethrak appearance. Others can as well. Then whoever else can get reflecting prisms to mimic the looks.

I’ll schedule this for my birthday 10/18. That gives us a month to spread the word and try to get a good group going.

Though even if it’s like a dozen of us, that would be pretty awesome.

I just need to think of a time frame now. xD

I think 10/18 is also a good date because it will be after prepatch, so more people will be around. And just before SL’s drops.


I have around 7 of these with over 300 charges in total already, I love turning people into random things whenever I do dungeons or BGs. Some others getting some would still be a good idea, so I’m not the only one constantly scanning the group so we’re all sethrak, that way I don’t miss any.

Rest sounds good to me.