Write a sentence to go with a Gif. Only classic WoW related

You dont need an active sub, I don’t.

You just need to reach trust level 3.


Maybe they just don’t like you.

How do i do that?

Post threads, hand out likes like confetti, visit every day for a loooooong time.

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Ummm it’s detailed in a post I think on maybe technical support? New Forum Syntax i think it’s called.


Continuing the discussion from Finding out your trust level:



My activity:

  • 127 days visited

  • 2d read time

  • 1d recent read time

  • 733 topics viewed

  • 20.5k posts read

Still not enough?

Look at my post above you. [quote=“Savax-feathermoon, post:22, topic:144365”]
Still not enough?

automatic true
name “trust_level_0”

You are trust level 0 like me, i just checked.

That’s part of it, in fact I’d say you’re really close because you make topics as well. Maybe you don’t like enough posts because that’s a big part of it, too.

Edit: well-- never mind, then.
It doesn’t take all that long to get up to level 2.

No hes Trust level 0.

us forums blizzard com/en/wow/u/Savax-feathermoon.json

That can’t be right, and in fact, I am sure that’s wrong. I think I read on the forum that those instructions are outdated.

That honestly makes me angry enough to just ditch these forums because that’s ridiculous. I’ve made popular and highly rated threads and participate in a lot of discussion.

Yeah, go ask in the CS forum first, because I think it’s wrong in all honesty.

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I am hoping that a 3rd party forum platform takes off that will have less moderation and more freedom. Hopefully with the original WoW Forums style. I really hate the new layout and features. I just want to see text and names for the most part.

I’ve checked a few people who regularly post gifs and their activity is basically the same as mine. What gives?

I’m trying to check mine with the same formula that is given in the instructions, and it gives an error page.

Your profile is hidden. probably why.

Even our forums have a rep grind


(I got back to you, btw)

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I also have 989 (hearts) received which is almost 4 times as much as Mini above me who can post gifs. In every metric I have good numbers yet I still can’t participate like others do. Total fail on Blizzard’s part.