Trust level 3. What am I missing?

Last october I lost trust level 3 on the 29th. Its been more than 100 days now. I haven’t gotten in any trouble since and I have definitely visited the forums more than 50% of the last 100 days. I’ve given 20, likes and been given 30 likes definitely. What I am not sure though is if I have fulfilled the 20k read requirements. I wanted to know what I might be missing or if I am ineligible to get trust level 3 for now at least? This is the relavant character in question also.

9 times out of 10 it is indeed the posts read requirement.


If you haven’t been banned or suspended or anything then you’re still eligible. There is no way to check what requirement you’re not meeting or see a count of how close you are. So you basically just have to go through and do them all one by one. It’s usually posts read, but after I read through 20k posts only to realize I hadn’t liked enough posts, I kind of stopped caring about trust levels.


here’s the checklist of requirements to help you figure out which is the most likely thing you’re missing

if you think it’s an issue of “posts read”, go into a megathread and scroll


I am going to try reading a bunch of stuff and review that thread. Maybe I will gain more clarity.

It looks like you have had a forum penalty within the last 6 months, Gnomest, from a penalty in October of last year.

You should be able to earn Trust 3 towards the end of April.


Thank you for the clarification. I didn’t realize that there was a 6 month cooldown to be able to get trust level 3 again. I thought when one looses trust level 3, it simply resets.

Normally, if you lost it due to not keeping up with the requirements, then once you met them again your Trust Level 3 would return.

I slacked a bit on my reading a while back and lost mine for a few days. Soon as I met the reading requirement again, I had it back.

However, as Vrakthris mentioned, you had a forum penalty in October and it seems those put you on a cooldown for regaining Trust Level 3.