Even with trust level 3

How to you check what level are you?


How do you know how many likes you have?


I believe you can see that in your profile.

what’s the significance of a like if you like everything?

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You will have to pick wisely with these last few likes. Obviously whoever you pick will be your favorites. Everyone else who isn’t chosen means you hate them.

No pressure.


This post should help :slight_smile:

Finding out your trust level

Idk. It just tells you you are almost out or out

I don’t like everything, I like what I like.

I guess Eze is my favorite then as she is my most liked



After getting trust level 3, I kind of forgot about “likes.”

So it is nice to be reminded.

Just brag about your trust level 3 why dont you.


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Because we have to pointlessly limit everything players find enjoyable, and pointlessly expand upon ideas nobody likes.

Oh thank you so much!

How did you forget?

I’m using it as a frame of reference as TL3 has the most likes but I’m still running out.

We had like limits before?

No problem

Just rubbing it in. I see how it is.


What happened to yours?

I made the mistake of not thinking Stan Lee was holy.

Ah ok. They should implement a way to get it back ^.^

They should. But in the mean time, don’t suggest Stan Lee’s tribute NPC should be a rogue, so that he can continue to steal credit for things.

Well get you a swift 24 hour ban that will even be upheld!

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Oh I remember that thread now :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahahahahaha I cracked up way to hard at this. Jeez
At the risk of a ban, I think it would have been hilarious but I can see where feathers would get ruffled.

If it was shortly after he passed away, I can see why it would get actioned as it is just poor taste to talk ill of the dead right after they pass.

Don’t worry about it.

“I wish that I could be like the cool kids”…not really.

I don’t need to post links if that’s all level 3 gets you. Now if level 3 would say…guarantee free tacos every week then I’d be striving.