Just need a couple of likes

Don’t screw up 6 months (to the second) after your last suspension.

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I’ve heard if you’ve been forum banned before you can’t obtain TL3. I’ve had many forum bans.

6 months? That’s asking for a lot.

I wonder why you and I have blue Guild and Achieves? It happens occasionally and always confuses me!
(Edit: I think I worked it out; it’s if I look at your profile… I was checking if people had B-licence, and now those people have blue Guild and Achieves, so you might not even see it.)

Good Luck! Waiting to see those cool gifs! :smiley:


They’re in blue for you? O.o

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I know the feeling, but I’ve been clean for almost a year now :wink:

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Good luck on your journey to TL3 (again)

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I have had 2. One was entirely my fault. The other wasn’t. I took some time off from the forums to straighten myself up after the one that was my fault. If you hang around the forums too much it starts affecting you. That’s why i tend to not look so much and try to stick to the lighter hearted topics.

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He’s a dwarf - obviously you can’t trust him!

I don’t know, the forums are quite entertaining at times.

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How you do that? The info on how far away you are?

That person thinks it’s funny until the police get the surveillance video from Home Depot and that person is charged with exposing minors to pornography. I mean, it’s really not likely to happen like that, but it definitely could.

Likes= 100,000 gold
ALT likes= 50,000 gold
Positive reply to your topic or post= 200,000 gold
Premium Membership (one year of likes and positive replies to all your topics & posts)= 2 million gold

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If you read the topic creator of this thread i’m linking they will tell how to check your current trust level.

oh god someone found out what i did!!


That’s odd as I have TL3 but have never started a thread, er… topic.


If you would post some n*des I could help you

Good luck to you kiddo

I guess I had it wrong, but I got TL3 yesterday thanks to everyone’s help.:slightly_smiling_face:

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