Insane flight path route to Timeless Isle

And so the good old disregard to an obvious error in the game by claiming it will never be fixed, anyway. You can really post this in almost any other topic pointing something problematic out. Even in regard to current content.

Oh, you were right, shame on him. Thankfully, he was swiftly corrected.

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I’m pretty sure that flight path is not on the devs need to fix list. If it was it would’ve been fixed 3 or 4 expansions ago.

You and everyone else is correct though. Flight Paths are pretty much a wreck every where. Seems no one informed Blizz the fastest way between two points is a stright line lol!!


Right. Well, during this expansion, there is occasionally a weekly event in which players complete timewalking dungeons. During this event, a vendor appears (this week it is in Pandaria, and at the Timeless Isle) at which players can spend timewalking badges. Also during this event, players receive an item with which they must travel to the Timeless Isle to turn in that item for timewalking badges. This means that many players are actually currently using this flight path, designed four expansions ago.

It’s not exactly a no-longer-used and completely forgotten flight path.

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This goes back to how fp’s worked at game launch. you had to land at every connecting fp and select the next one. They apparently applied that same logic throughout all the expansions.

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And it’s a fair point to make that they really screwed up. As flight paths are released every expansion and frequently in patches, their functionality should really be looked at.

This is absolutely true.

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Yeah it’s so crazy. And I guess at least we don’t need to land at them but we still need to…

It’s a safe bet though that since they’ve made flight account wide in Pandaria they won’t fix that particular fp.

I just don’t buy the ‘they won’t fix it’ argument on a WoW forum in regard to a player pointing out an issue in-game. You can literally say this in any similar topic. And this flight path is being used by many, many players right now.

The topic is specifically about the flight path to Timeless Isle. This also brings up the functionality of flight paths in general, which sucks. And as flight paths are still a common means of travel in-game, I don’t see it as an irrelevant aspect to talk about.

You’re right in that likely most of these issues will sadly not be fixed (no matter how relevant they are to present gameplay). It doesn’t hurt to discuss these issues reasonably, to point them out and to hope that Blizzard listens. That’s all we can do in any topic akin to this one.

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Except the fact that there are a lot of things that don’t get fixed because they fall so far down on the list of things needing fixed. The flight path works and get you there even if it is annoyingly long. I can’t see this being on the devs radar for fixing.

Even things you would think fall high on this list of priorities are not fixed. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to point out glaring in-game problems. Also, it isn’t only this specific flight path. It’s every flight path. It’s not just a flight path from four expansions ago. It’s flight paths currently, too.

I’m not trying to assume too much. But, if the issue of flight paths working terribly is not on high on your list of what should be fixed, I can appreciate that.


Sort of. You get dismounted at a certain point and have to swim the rest of the way, but yes, you can do it without dying.

Flight paths are like tourist or secondary road where you can see things (landscapes, villages, rares mobs). They are not highways. I dont think it is an error.

  • If you want to go super fast, you have the trinket.
  • If you want a direct route, you fly with your mount.
  • If you want to see things, check if you missed quests, you use the flight paths.
  • If you want to listen to Jade forest music, you ride your ground mount.
  • If you want to relive a bit of MOP, you walk and swim your way from Towlong steppes to the timeless island.

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Long Live Ordos!

I mean we’re speculating here, but I doubt the flight path system is as #$@& as it is because Blizzard wants us to see the scenery.

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This is an example of how the playerbase literally complains about everything.

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There are much better examples.

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Flight path is used to bring you to each available quest hubs a bit like a train, it takes more time to get to the last station. It is also used to show you around.

A train makes stops to pick up and drop off people (plural), flight masters and flight paths do not. Traveling via flight paths, there is no reason for a player to have to stop at various other flight masters in order to reach their destination.

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