Help with Posting Links

This may sound like a newb question, but how do I link an image to the forums. I read something about needing trust levels to post links and according to a post I found a Level 1 (which I am) should be able to “Create links and video embeds to trusted websites like Blizzard websites, YouTube, or Twitch”. I understand that I cannot post the image directly until level 3, but for some reason I cannot even post links.

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What’s it say when you try to link from wowhead or YouTube or even Blizz?

Haven’t tried from wowhead, tried from Imgur. Guessing its not a “trusted website”?

“Trusted websites” will change to links automatically if you enter the url. etc

Non trusted websites require Trust Level 3 to post at all because this forum system sucks. To bypass it, surround the url with `

I’m guessing that’s the source of your issue, yes.

There’s actually a mega thread on trust levels somewhere. Gotta scrounge it up.

Hey, you are at Trust Level 1, I think.

You should be able to post You Tube videos?

The bypass thing didn’t seem to work

How did you do it? You have to put ` on both sides. You can use the “preformatted text” option while writing a post to automatically put them down, if need be.


When I did this said I cannot post links

That’s rather odd. Are you positive you’re using the tilde key, and not the apostrophe key? Should look like `` when together with no words between 'em.

Mind, if you are, then I apologize for the question. If it still won’t work, then I’m not sure what the problem is.

Awesome. Glad that fixed it! Have fun with your newfound power~


I am not using that lol, let me try it.

Thank you, that did it.

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