Links in posts?

I wanted to post a link to imgur but no links allowed. I could of sworn in the past I saw people post imgur links. Is this a thing they changed?

It’s a trust level thing on the forums

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Yes, you must post more stuff. And not manage to irritate a bunch of people in the process. Then you will be able to post things like

In the meantime, just post your links using the preformatted text option. That way they’re easy to copy/paste.
You can also check this to learn a bit more:

Holy crap, that is a blast from the past!

You lack the sufficient amount of Blizzard social credit to post images.

No one denies Carole Baskin the privlege of posting links!

Tiger King!!!

:tiger: :tiger2:

I only know that because I was watching David Spade, where they mention it and specifically the name Carol Baskin.

By the way, you can still post links from Wowhead as well as (oddly enough) youtube (or at least I can, at trust level 2. You are trust level 1. ) You must be trust level 3 to post whatever links/images.

then search “trust.” Repeat and it scrolls down from 0, to 1, to 2 (if you have it), and finally 3. If it just wraps around back to 0/1 you are not any higher.

I wanted to show people what quarantine does to me lol. I’m bored had to put a space in between the two //

https:/ /

There’s the right link