How do I do GIFS on here?

Folks how do I do GIFS on here? does anyone know?

You are not worthy. Literally :slightly_smiling_face:


You need to grind forums rep to earn that privilege.

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You need trust level 3.

Your .json is showing you are TL3, just post a link.


Yay! Thank you.

It’s all decidedly elitist! :seedling:

But YOU can, Bryian!


Can someone tell me mine ?

Easiest way is if you see the “Lounge” forum and can post there, you’re in!

display_name":“trust_level_2”, :seedling:

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Level 2

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I am not worthy…


It’s not all bad. It prevents you from posting stupid pictures of your character.

Get out your eye bleach, folks!

By hacking the matrix

There is no TL3.

I’ve never got it so it must be fake.