How do you get Trust level 3?

dont be funny too.
that gets you banned.

If you spend a lot of time on the forums and you don’t get in trouble, you’ll eventually get trust level 3.

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How do you find your trust level? Do I need to take a leap of faith with Ion?

All you really need to do is keep checking if you can see the Lounge forum.

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The what? :o

In your case, copy/paste this:

Then click CTRL+F, and type: trust_level

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Oh boi, this sounds like something to do when I get home. Thanks

You almost have to live on the forums to get trust level 3. I’m either doing IRL stuff, playing WoW or reading the forums.

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The don’t have more than 5 spam/offensive flags thing is phooey. I’ve been banned from the forums like 30 times for 24-72 hours for offensiveness and trolling and I have trust level 3.

No idea why you don’t though


You only meet like 1 of the requirements so if you do have it is either bugged or you have beta and got access that way. Your read count and days visited wouldn’t let you get it normally.

e: looking at your profiles json, you don’t have trust 3… so I’m not sure where you’re getting that you do.

This is not my main forum posting character. I have a few thousand posts on my main but he doesn’t show up recently for some reason and I can’t select him to post because he’s missing

I wouldn’t know,OP. How do you find it anyway?

I did the thing of searching the script, I think it’s a script, and it says I am level 3 and I found the lounge. But some people said level 3 is just temporary for lots, so I dunno if I actually deserve what I have. :>

Why would you care? What is the benefit?

this character went missing too.

is your “forum main” a character which you log in to play regularly?
i hadn’t logged this dude since april, and once i’d logged him into the game, and logged out of the forum, he became visible on the relog.

(which is good, it would have been painful to lose my tl3!)

sometimes a .gif can explain my feelings better than words.

If you are under 35 perhaps.

Yeah it’s my main character i always play. He disappears like 3 times per month from the forums for seemingly no reason and I am too lazy to log out and back in to reset it (also it doesn’t always work)

is that the latest version of attempting to use “kid” as an insult?

i’m not sure how you think age has anything to do with various forms of interactions.

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Take it how you will. Sounds like we have the same opinion.