Gated on Likes?

i remember the good old days when we could downvote someone into oblivion.

blizzard removed it because they felt it was better for players to type out why they feel someone is an idiot instead of just downvoting their stupid idea and moving on.

now i find out they have a limit to how much liking comments you can do?

god damn fun detected. its not even a joke anymore, they really just do it.


May be a Discourse problem, not a WoW-hates-fun problem…

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I am sure Activision is somehow at fault…somehow.

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You’re also gated with how much flagging (spam/trolling/etc…) you can do. :man_facepalming:

Really miss the old forums…


No your okay. It’s only if you were suspended while we moved forums, or got suspended recently.

All past actions on the old forums were removed :+1:t2:


I appreciate the response on how to.

I’m just too lazy to do it.


Thanks! I’m trust level 2

I still think it’s silly to limit the likes though. I think in Blizzard’s efforts to control the mayhem in the forums, they went overboard.


I am pretty sure it is the platform they chose to go with vs something by intentional design (beyond picking a platform that was set up this way).


Good to know.

Thank you.


Jeez, still only trust level 2.

Pretty much this. If there is a function it will be abused, I think limiting the function now saves Blizzard headaches later.

Trust level 2, how did you check that?

You also get Trust Levels! It sucks, what can I say?

This kind person posted how.

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That doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried everything.

Thanks worked just fine for me.

You can’t get it to work?

Nope. /10charpfft.

If /summary is at the end of the address, delete it an replace it with the .json

No summary. I typed Snowslight-kiljaeden.json in the search bar for these forums and nothing comes up.

I tried different spellings, such as Kil’jaeden, I put a space between - and still, nothing.

Now, I can’t be bothered with this anymore. If Blizzard doesn’t trust me after all this time and money I’ve spent on them, then so be it.

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